New Black Creates New Music Video Format

New Black makes the music video Pretty Butterfly by singer songwriter Niva into a short film.

Brooklyn, NY, May 15, 2009 --( New Black releases new music video format with the artist Niva.

The independent music production company ‘New Black’ has released what it calls a new style of music video, ‘The music video short film’. They have released this video on numerous online web locations and in addition it is being shown across the country on independent and public access music video shows.

Jonathan of new black explained to this reporter why he created the music video short film. He stated, “music videos are boring as hell, that’s why those old videos from the eighties are still being broadcast. They can push the envelope all they want to with sex and special effects but that only goes to reinforce the point that the music video as an art form has become stale and predictable and boring, just like a lot of the music out here”. Brother Jonathan went on to tell this reporter that he thinks music videos can be revitalized. He went on to state. “It’s just like in the auto industry and the financial industry, no one thinks out of the box. Here you have a music industry with plummeting revenue and rising costs and everyone just keeps creating the same old junk, like business as usual”. The music video short film produced by new black is based on the song ‘Pretty Butterfly’ by singer songwriter ‘Niva’. Niva stars in the video alongside an actor who calls himself ‘Raw Talent Will’. New black stated that a music video short film is a music video with substantial dialog and action drama. Jonathan of new black said that the idea came from watching a remake of a Minnie Riperton song ‘Memory Lane’ produced by the ‘Black Film Academy’. He said he was also inspired by the music video ‘Runaway Slave’ by the group ‘Dead Prez’.

Jonathan of new black music stated, “These music videos visually portrayed such wonderful stories and I found myself just wishing for some dialog”. Brother Jonathan also noted that he was inspired by old Louis Jordan ‘soundies’ from the late 1940’s and early 1950’s that did have dialog. According to new black the niva pretty butterfly short film is just a start in this type of format of music video distribution. Brother Jonathan stated, ‘This was not hard to do at all. All it takes is a little bit of imagination and a song with some meaningful lyrics. So what if it does not look like a big time major label Hollywood production. When we do our next music video with niva we are gonna use even higher production standards and a real budget”. According to new black even though the video was produced with no budget and low production values the feedback has resulted in increased demand for niva and a substantial increase in new black downloads. Brother Jonathan of new black stated, “Niva’s song pretty butterfly is about domestic violence and abuse and it touched many women with its lyrics”. New Black said that they are hoping that BET, VH1 and MTV would be open to showing music video short stories in the future.

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