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The meeting of the authorities initiated the opening of the clean energy investment department within the limits of The principle task of the newly created department is to find new investment solutions in the clean enrgy sector. $100K are going to be allocated for the development of the department from the reserve fund of

Portland, OR, May 17, 2009 --( The grand meeting of the management authorities of the project has been held on May 14, 2009. Several main questions have been under review. Anti-crisis plan has been firstly approved and put into operation. According to the plan, all current and potential investors are being absolutely secured from any external factors' influence, whether it is an economic collapse or defaults. The current plan is valid until the end of the year 2009.

However, the main reason for holding the grand meeting was initiated by the Head Manager of Mr. Henry M. Cutler creation of a brand new department within the limits of the project

The new Clean Energy Investment Department will be concentrated upon new investment solutions in the sphere of clean energy. Another task of the department is to develop the loan programs and loan guarantees to support environmentally friendly technologies. Within the latest 6 months, searching for alternative investment sources has become the main trend and guideline of the project Taking part in solar investment programs, wind and bio-fuels investment has been just a small part of the work, done by their specialists.

Followed by introducing the bill by the U.S. lawmakers that would establish the new independent clean energy investment agency, Mr. Cutler has agreed with Mark Robinson, who used to be the Energy Industry Consultant in the Green Mountain Energy Company before, asking to take the post of the Head Manager of the newly created Clean Energy Investment Department.

The Clean Energy Investment Department is going to be allocated with the $100K for the start from the reserve fund. As anticipated, in the future the department should expand and take leading positions in the structure of the project

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Brian Reynolds