With 2009 Set to be a Scorcher, Patra Announces Their Latest Feel-Good Silk Clothing for Summer

The UK is set to hit Mediterranean temperatures, and natural fibres like silk come into their own as the best fabric for your summer wardrobe. Patra Selections announce the latest additions to their range of quality silk clothing that leave the wearer fresher and more comfortable.

London, United Kingdom, May 22, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Whether people plan to stay in the UK this summer or travel abroad, with soaring temperatures comes stickiness, heat rash, sweat and general discomfort. With temperatures predicted to soar this summer, Patra Silks announces their range of ideal summer holiday clothing: cotton trousers, silk shirts, dresses, underwear and other natural-fibre clothes that are fresher, more comfortable and better for the skin than man-made, synthetic clothes.

Rita Patra, Managing Director of Patra Selections, says, “Quality silk clothing is surprisingly affordable and makes the perfect capsule wardrobe for summer. Silk dresses, silk shirts, wraps for the beach and knitted silk cardigans for the evenings are perfect for summer.”

When asked about the properties of silk and its benefits for travellers, Patra replied, “Silk is perfect for your suitcase. Knitted silk repels creases, so you can pack lightweight silk t-shirts and silk dresses away to almost nothing and take them out at their destination wrinkle-free.”

With high quality silk clothing becoming more affordable, it's possible to have the luxury of a summer wardrobe based around natural fibres like silk. “Silk is the ultimate feel-good summer clothing. Perfect for a cruise, safari or beach holiday, or even just staying comfortable in the UK,” Patra says, “silk clothing is easy to dress up or down – as practical clothing to protect you from the heat in the day, or to keep the chill off while looking lovely in the evening.”

About Patra Selections
Patra Selections was established in 1964 and this family-run independent mail-order firm offers natural luxurious fabrics, exclusive styles, exceptional quality, at amazing affordable prices. As experts in silk, they source and hand select fabrics with great care, ensuring that they only offer items of superior quality.

With a wide range of silk and cotton shirts, dresses, ties, scarves, underwear, trousers and more, all items are exclusive and designed in-house with the utmost care and attention to detail, and always with style, comfort and manageability in mind.

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