Golf’s Secret Weapon is “EFT”

Rancho Cucamonga, CA, August 08, 2006 --( EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a simple process of tapping the body in specific areas much like an acupuncturist would stick needles into you to relieve pain. The difference being EFT is using acupressure on several specific areas and combing that with some verbal statements to create the change.

Although the creator of EFT; Gary Craig, has been teaching people the process for over a decade it has only now begun to show up in the sports field.

I have played some six 18 hole rounds of golf since the EFT approach was started. It seems there has been a 33% reduction in my handicap due to the EFT Techniques. Says Steve Sayre His whole story and slew of others can be found on Gary Craig's main site also provides Gary's free E-Book describing the whole EFT process as well as several descriptions of the actual words one may use while attempting EFT out on the Golf Course.

Another major impediment to improving one's golf score is the "comfort zone." Ask any experienced golfer what they shoot and they will say something like, "I shoot in the mid-80's." It is a mental set. It is where they "belong."

There are many different EFT approaches to golf. Some golfers will improve their score just by doing some generalized tapping before the game. Others will need to tap frequently throughout their round. Some may need to tap on some very specific areas such as...
· "this feeling in my chest when I Tee off"
· "this inability to focus on my putts"
· "this anger I feel for blowing that last hole"
· "this self doubt when I'm putting"

Interestingly, if you follow most golfers around you discover that they know how to shoot every shot perfectly. They have, for example, hit the perfect drive on countless occasions. They have also hit the perfect 5 iron, made the perfect 5 foot putt and so on it goes. They have the experience and ability to shoot 5 strokes better (low-70's) than what they are doing. But they don't, and that's the Comfort Zone

Comfort zones are very powerful things. We all have them. For the professional and weekend golfer alike, you might wish to include some "comfort zone breaking" EFT routines. This is essential for many golfers if their improvement is going to last. They need to establish a new comfort zone. Try these....
· "Even though breaking ____ seems out of reach...."
· "Even though I fear having a lower handicap because I will have to maintain it..."
· "Even though someone my age is not likely to shoot below______...." website owner Tony Rathstone author of Golf's Secret Weapon says, establishing new comfort zones for golfers with EFT may well be the simplest process to be brought to the golf course in at least a century.

Tony Rathstone is available for candid and informative interviews EFT for Golf.

Tony Rathstone