Green Joint Venture Boosts Jobs in Both U.S. and China

Athens, OH, May 25, 2009 --( Stirling Technology Inc. (STI) is pleased to announce it has just formed a joint venture company, the Shenyang UltimateAir® Ventilator Co. Ltd., in China, in partnership with a large Chinese real estate company and a Korean company. The joint venture was formed to manufacture and sell STI’s full range of high efficiency Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) products, designed and developed in Athens, Ohio, into the Chinese and Asian markets.

“This is not a ’business as usual’ venture in China,” explains Catherine Chagnot, President of Stirling Technology, “With this venture, we are creating a new model of business. Key components for the products will be manufactured in the US and sold to the JV in China, where products will be manufactured and sold into the local markets (China and Asia). On the home front, we will purchase some parts from China which will be used to manufacture our products here, in Athens, Ohio for sale into the US and European markets. This venture is designed to create jobs both here, in Ohio and in China. With this model we intend to satisfy the increasingly energy conscious markets both in China and the US, and bring profits back to the States from China.”

Stirling Technology has developed and patented a unique heat exchange technology that allows a home, office, or commercial building to be ventilated without losing the energy that is used to heat and air condition the space. Ventilation allows for the construction of better insulated homes and buildings, requiring less energy to operate and reducing the carbon footprint of the building on the environment.

Sold here under the trade name UltimateAir® RecoupAerator®, these ventilators combine high efficiency blower motors with 95% heat recovery. As buildings become tighter, the value of providing filtered outside air is essential to both the health of those using the building and the durability of the building itself. (The RecoupAerator® was featured in the New York Times April 30, 2009 graphic about passive, energy saving homes and on “Dan Rather Reports: Power From the People” on HDTV on May 15, 2009).

“There is a very large market in China for this the technology and the designs that we will provide. This is the start of what we hope to be a very long relationship in a truly international business model. In today’s dismal economy this new model of doing business and introducing new energy saving and alternative energy products will help rejuvenate lagging economies in both countries. It will create sustainable jobs, save energy and reduce climate change effects,” says Chagnot.

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