Caponocca Clothing Announces Release of New Website

Caponocca Clothing has launched a new website that gives designers a chance to win cash for their designs.

Los Angeles, CA, May 24, 2009 --( “Caponocca Set to ‘Rock’ the Scene in T-Shirt Designs.”

Caponocca Clothing Co., a purveyor of original, consumer-designed t-shirts, has just announced the formation of its flagship website and is celebrating by giving away thousands of dollars in cash and prizes.

Caponocca invites artists and designers to submit original artwork to the website to be rated by their peers in a monthly (soon to be weekly) competition. The winning design gets to be featured on the website’s front page, and the winner receives a cash prize of $500.00. In addition, designers that have their artwork chosen for print will receive royalty payments of 10% from the sale of each t-shirt that feature their designs. “The potential for designers to make lots of cash is huge!” says Norvell Thomas, Caponocca’s founder and CEO.

“What we are really building is a strong community where people can come together and decide for themselves what t-shirts and fashions are most appealing to them. Anyone can go to a department store and purchase a regular t-shirt, but these are special because they are designed by everyday people like you and me!” says Norvell.

So, about that title, Caponocca. Eh? Many people are wondering exactly what that means. According to Mr. Thomas, Caponocca comes from two Italian words: Capo (Head) & Nocca (Knuckle), so literally it means “knucklehead”, and is a playful term meant to express the community of users who like to go against the grain in terms of fashion and everyday living. “To us, knucklehead is sort of a badge of honor. We like having the freedom to help other artists and designers get their creativity out to the rest of the world. At the same time, you can’t find better looking tees than from Caponocca!” Part of the appeal of Caponocca is that even non-artists can get in on the action by rating their favorite designs and providing feedback on which ones were appealing, and which ones need more work. Ultimately, the community as a whole will decide how successful a design is by buying that artists designs as a t-shirt.

Caponocca has partnered with American Apparel as its main supplier of high-quality, American made t-shirts. David Cardenas, Director of Operations, states that Caponocca decided early on that the Company would only use high-quality cotton shirts to ensure a premium screen printing process for the actual designs. “There is nothing worse than buying a favorite tee, and having the color fade away after a few washings”, Mr. Cardenas says. It also helps that both companies are based in Los Angeles, CA. “Many people wonder where we are based because of our name, but we are right at home here in sunny Los Angeles!”

David Little, Caponocca’s Director of Sales & Marketing, notes that already the Company has built considerable buzz around the opening of the company’s website. “We already have over 500 designers and artists that are eager to start submitting artwork to the site, and have thousands of followers on social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, to name a few. Everyone is stoked to see it launch”, he says. Want to get in on the action? Register today at

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Caponocca Clothing
Norvell Thomas
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