Datalight Brings Support for MLC NAND Flash Memory to Wind River VxWorks

Datalight has released a new flash manager, FlashFX® Tera, which enables OEMs building systems that run Wind River VxWorks to use raw MLC NAND flash memory in their products.

Bothell, WA, May 28, 2009 --( Datalight announced today a new flash manager, FlashFX® Tera, which enables OEMs building systems that run Wind River VxWorks to use raw MLC NAND flash memory in their products. Manufacturers of products such as MP3 players, smartphones, and personal navigators can choose from a broad range of raw MLC NAND flash parts as an alternative to the more expensive managed NAND, potentially lowering the cost of and enabling faster performance for these devices. FlashFX Tera supports a wide array of over 300 flash parts, including SLC and MLC NOR, SLC and MLC NAND, and fusion flash like OneNAND and OrNAND, in flash arrays up to two terabytes.

“For years VxWorks has included an evaluation version of the Datalight FlashFX Pro product to enable development with NAND flash,” said Warren Kurisu, senior director of product management, VxWorks Product Division, Wind River. “We’re excited that Datalight is continuing their support of our operating system in their newest product.”

“Our customers are looking for ways to control cost in this environment, and increasingly that means using raw MLC NAND,” said Ken Whitaker, Datalight Director of Engineering. “Now with FlashFX Tera they can take advantage of the full range storage options while extending the lifespan of their designs.”

Industry analyst Brian Berg of Berg Software Design also weighed in on the timeliness of a raw MLC solution, saying, “Embedded OEMs are showing renewed interest in raw MLC as an alternative to an often single-source managed NAND strategy. Manufacturers have learned from experience that getting locked in to a single supplier for their hardware components can put them at risk in this highly volatile market.”

FlashFX Tera is a software solution for flash management that frees developers from the volatility and constraints of single-source flash memory software. Versatility allows fast integration with over 300 flash chip part numbers. Dynamic chip select provides run-time flexibility of using just one driver image, saving money and lowering supply-line risks during production. Pre-written support includes SLC and MLC NAND and NOR parts from top manufacturers (Intel, Micron, Samsung, Toshiba, Numonyx and Spansion), fusion flash (such as Samsung OneNAND, FlexOneNAND or Spansion OrNAND), and application processor flash controllers (like Freescale MX and Texas Instruments OMAP). High performance, multi-threaded flash drivers provide superior wear-leveling, bad block management, garbage collection and fast read/write speeds.

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