Doing It All for Love - Jeff Stone's CD Release "Only Me"

On his latest CD release Only Me, Jeff Stone does it all.

Kitty Hawk, NC, May 29, 2009 --( As a songwriter, musician, producer, recording engineer, cover designer, and even website designer; Jeff Stone reflects on the burden of doing it all for the love of music.

With the title track, Only Me, Jeff simply states that this entire album was put together through his, and only his efforts. From the creation of a song idea all the way through production to end product recording, Stone labors so that “one day you’ll see stars, and one that kind of looks like me.”

But his compositions are not just filler fluff; this man has much to say. Fight talks about standing up for your rights. It’s a driving rock tune that declares we should “stand up and fight, when you’re right, get your rights.”

Likewise, the song Freedom is a patriotic acoustic tune that expresses his love of this country and the “precious freedom” we enjoy “from the Liberty Bell, down to Capital Hill, you’re free to be yourself.”

The bluesy Four Bucks A Gallon recalls the crazy rising gas prices of the summer of 2008, where he depicts a scenario of having “one empty tank” and “not knowing how am I gonna pay the towing.” He points out how it seems there are “more politicians, than taxpayers.”

And the crippled economy coupled with massive job losses of 2009 prompt Jeff to write about Changes many hard hit Americans had to face. Some contemplate heading “up north to find some work, or maybe head down south.” Some entertained the thought of using lesser talents they possessed to make some extra money like “join a band and play guitar” or “I used to be real good at sketching…maybe I could sell a few.”

Jeff Stone enjoys songwriting and this comes out loud and clear through the content of some of his less serious songs. Talking To Myself is a catchy pop tune where Jeff pokes fun at himself for conversing with himself saying “I may be crazy, and maybe I need help.” Easy Target is one that rocks, going on about really wanting to”pick on” someone who “annoys” you. And, You Didn’t See Anything talks about a “witness protection” program for victims of “love gone awry.”

Every instrument and vocal heard on this album was performed by Jeff Stone. He arranged the productions, performed the mixing and mastering and designed the album’s inserts. He also designs and updates his own website. He says that “sometimes the workload is burdensome because it keeps me from my first love, songwriting, but it’s all very necessary in order to put together a quality product. Besides, this is what I love doing.”

Overall, Only Me demonstrates how just one man can breath life into the creation of a song and make it sound great all by himself. Every track has its’ own unique charm and stands well on its own. However, the theme for the album is not the individual songs of this writer, but the writer of these individual songs. Starting with “hills” and making his way up to “mountains,” you can feel the love that Jeff Stone puts into his work.

Jeff Stone
Jeff Stone