Launches - Windows Internals Training Focused on Application Management launches Concise Systems Internals for Windows ( - foundational skills for adapting your applications to new runtime platforms such as Windows 7, application virtualization and cloud computing.

Philadelphia, PA, May 30, 2009 --(, a leading provider of training for application management on Microsoft Windows, offers new technical training to aid in getting applications running under Windows 7 and application virtualization. "We asked a fundamental question – ‘What subset of the vast field of Windows Internals will result in leveraged value for our target audiences’," said Darwin Sanoy, Principal Consultant at "Application management is that subset. The last time most organizations engineered their company-wide application runtime platform was with the release of Windows XP – eight years ago. Runtime platform challenges have expanded dramatically with the sweeping changes in Windows 7, the maturing of thin client technologies, the explosion of application virtualization and the emergence of cloud computing on the horizon.” It is challenging to adapt an application to run on any new runtime platform – but even more so without the knowledge of how applications operate when they run on their native platform. “CSI-300 Foundations of Application Internals” lays this groundwork with students by teaching them what is actually happening when an application is actively running on Windows. This course brings students up to date on all the latest changes introduced in version 6 of the Windows kernel which is shared by Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Server 2008. Optional add-on courses include Testing and Troubleshooting, Application Virtualization, and Application Shimming (AppCompat). Concise Systems Internals for Windows (CSI-Windows) is the result of applying’s long standing training methodologies to the domain of Windows Internals. Darwin explains, “For eight years we have had great success using our concise approach to boil down the complex content of Windows Installer Packaging into a learning experience that clicks with IT Administrators and Packaging Engineers. Our approach leads to an immediate improvement of day to day working productivity by making sure skills are practical and actionable. The selection and depth of theory topics is then driven by these practical and actionable skills. I love it when students tell me they have applied their new knowledge and skills to fix a production problem before their training week has even finished!” Adapting applications to new runtime platforms requires new skills by individuals across the entire application ecosystem. CSI Windows training is designed to help those who perform one or more of the following roles: [b]Software Developers[/b] (commercial and corporate) must prepare business applications for Windows 7 and use virtualization technologies when deploying in large companies. [b]Software Testers[/b] (commercial and corporate) must be aware of how new runtime platforms affect application behavior. In the case of corporate application testing for mass migration to new versions of Windows, testing and troubleshooting are frequently done by the same team. System Engineers must understand the limitations of applications running under specific runtime platforms as well as engineer other systems to support these new runtime platforms. Packaging Engineers need critical skill updates as they are the natural target for preparing applications for additional runtime platforms. Even when a company is sticking with traditional software packaging, Windows 7 significantly shifts the application runtime platform. Support Technicians (commercial and corporate) must be up to speed on the Windows 7 runtime platform to troubleshoot problems that are caused by or can be solved by the new integrated application technologies. Corporate Administrators generally perform a combination of the above roles (with the exception of business software development) making updated skills even more critical. Tremendous cost savings can be realized when the internal teams that are tasked with shifting individual applications or entire portfolios onto one or more new runtime platforms possess the appropriate knowledge and skills. It is critical to have team members capable of assisting with technical assessment and selection of the runtime platform options. These skills are also relevant to daily operations with qualification and troubleshooting of applications that are deployed to new runtime platforms. For companies that have the luxury of turning application compatibility over to comprehensive framework tools or service providers, these skills remain key to technical aspects of selection, assessment, qualification and troubleshooting of the deliverables. About and ( is a leading training provider for the management of Windows Applications. CSI Windows ( is a new branded training offering of All brands or product names are trademarks of their respective companies. Contact: Darwin Sanoy / Email: (610) 400-3020

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