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Empire Medical Training providing opportunities to physicians and health care professionals to improve the level of education in the newest laser technologies and cosmetic laser procedures.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, May 30, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Empire Medical Training Physicians Free Workshop
Cosmetic Laser Technology – Aesthetic Medicine – Laser Procedures

2-Day CME Cosmetic Laser Training Workshop
June 13th & 14th, 2009 New York, NY

Empire Medical Training is offering a one-time opportunity for physicians to attend free-of-charge a 2-Day CME Cosmetic Laser Training Workshop in New York City June 13-14th. Empire has recently revamped this program to condense much of the didactic so that it can emphasize the reality associated with acquiring cosmetic lasers and in understanding the technology available and the choices for physicians. Stephen Cosentino, medical director and founder of Empire Medical Training, points out “the technology of lasers is well accepted and the need to prove to physicians that lasers work is not as great a concern compared to (5) years ago”. It is more important to teach how lasers can work for physicians from a clinical and financial perspective.

All of the (7) major laser company’s lasers are effective; if not there wouldn’t be $100M+ technology companies. The real purchase factors for physicians is to understand what types of treatments are most popular, expandability of various lasers, true cost of ownership, how other aesthetic offerings can contribute or distract from laser procedures, new vs. used technologies, revenue sharing of new technologies, transferability of lasers, warranties, IPL based systems, and the need for total body solutions. This is a “must” for any physician thinking about lasers or adding lasers in the future to an existing aesthetic practice.

Learn to be in control of the acquisition process with the understanding that sales representatives leave out information from perspective buyers and be able to receive the “pearls” needed with confidence in the decision making process to continue successfully. The decision process in purchasing lasers is multi-factorial and the buyer should be educated in all aspects of lasers from both a clinical and business perspective. The decision to purchase lasers should be influenced by 30% technology, 40% training, and 30% marketing, cost, and other related business aspects. So many physicians make these large capital decisions without the knowledge base needed to make the right choices. Used equipment is flooding the marketplace, overpriced European models make unrealistic claims, and the keys to being successful are more marketing and business related than the technologies of the lasers.

This (2) day seminar will prepare the physician to make the right decision on lasers as it relates to his/her practice. Don’t be overwhelmed by salespeople or consultants and hear from a company that is responsible for hundreds of aesthetic practices being successful in the United States. Learn what works and what doesn’t and hear how there is no one real solution for every practice and that there are many ways of achieving success with lasers and aesthetics that may be more suited for your situation.

Empire Medical Training has trained over 30,000 physicians in both aesthetic and medical procedures worldwide and is committed to the continued medical education efforts of its members and attending physicians. Empire has no commercial interest in any of the equipment being used for this seminar and has no business relationships with any of the products that may be discussed within the program. Use this invitation to see the “New Empire Medical Training”, please enjoy the free seminar, and get to touch and feel various manufacturers’ equipment in hands-on sessions both days.

Experience this one-time opportunity in New York City and learn about the opportunities with possibilities that exist for each physicians practice. Registrations and seating for this event will be limited so please call now at (866) 333-6747. This offer is only for physicians and related healthcare professionals, office and business managers may attend with a registered physician “free-of-charge”.

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