"This Rural Mobile Connectivity Report Reviews and Analyses the Rural Telephony Market in India, China, Indonesia and a Few African Markets," Says Visiongain Report

Rural Mobile Connectivity Prospects 2009-2014 - Increasing Business Growth and Development from Rural Mobile Expansion. The report argues that telecommunications is a means to overcome distance barriers to participation in the economy and social sphere.

London, United Kingdom, May 31, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Article Source: http://www.visiongain.com/Report.aspx?rid=372

Are the rural markets of China, India and Africa the next phase of mobile development?
In most countries, rural communities present a wide and untapped market for many products and services including telecommunications services that were initially targeted at mainly urban populations. Until recently, telecommunications in rural areas in developing countries has been mainly drive by government policy and initiatives, which were both more or less limited to fixed land lines. The rural teledensity (number of main telephone lines for every 100 inhabitants) is still very poor and can only be improved through the introduction of the appropriate modern technology along with the participation of private sector licensees.

• India
• China
• Indonesia
• Africa

This rural mobile connectivity report reviews and analyses the rural telephony market in India, China, Indonesia and a few African markets, looks at drivers and how to overcome obstacles to mobile telephony in remote, primarily low-income communities. It examines the role of new technologies, and argues for better integration of (and higher investment in) telecommunications in rural development planning.

In this report, visiongain looks at telecommunications in the rural areas and isolated communities of developing countries. The report argues that telecommunications is a means to overcome distance barriers to participation in the economy and social sphere,. It also links between telecommunications and the development process, addressing the benefits of telecommunications for rural and remote communities, while providing market projections based on intrinsic market dynamics.

Many areas around the world, such as Western Europe have become stagnant markets with decreasing opportunities for mobile expansion. With this in mind, Rural Mobile Connectivity has long been recognised by operators and manufacturers as a significant business and development opportunity. How long can you afford not to participate in this emerging field? Companies cannot hesitate making a decision whether or not to carry out business in these countries and regions.

Revenue opportunities are only going to increase as more people look to acquire mobile phones, whilst operators are also looking to roll-out 3G services. Network infrastructure is continually being built and upgraded which in turn will lead to increased subscription levels and revenues. Can you afford to be miss out on the new emerging revenue opportunities?

This latest report provides valuable information to operators, manufactures, content distributors and equipment providers alike. Reading this report will provide you with answers to the following questions:
• What technology considerations apply in the respective markets?
• What opportunities exist for foreign companies?
• How can companies benefit from the rising economic success triggered by mobile network deployment in underserved areas?
• What potential obstacles will operators and manufacturers face?
• What strategies should operators use to increase revenue and subscriber base?

With enormous populations rural markets offer potentially great returns - you should be benefiting from them today.

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