"Google Android and Nokia Symbian: Increasing Content, Service and Advertising Market Opportunities from Competition in Mobile OS, 2009-2014," Visiongain Report

Google Android report considers the development of the open source mobile Operating Systems (OS) from the not for profit organisation Symbian Foundation (formed originally by Nokia) and Android (formed by Google) which are vying to be the open source smart phone mobile OS of choice for a range of handset manufacturers and mobile network operators.

London, United Kingdom, May 31, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Article Source: http://www.visiongain.com/Report.aspx?rid=373

The smart phone is critical - it represents the main growth sector for the mobile handset manufacturer and promises an associated increase in service revenues for the Mobile Network Operator (MNO).

With a new generation of improved smart phones, with fuller sized screen and keyboard and an improved user interface, the smart phone is a key element in providing greater user access to the mobile internet. If Smart phones are essentially highly handheld computers with wireless connectivity, then as with the PC, the operating system is critical. Will whoever captures this market be the Microsoft of the mobile?

There is a race taking place between the handset manufacturer (led by Nokia) and the content provider (led by Google) to become the leading provider of open source mobile OS for the smart phone.

Nokia, the owner of the Symbian Foundation, has made the company into a non for profit organisation and has recruited a number of companies to join as members and is converting various mobile OS into one unified version based on open source standards.

In terms of worldwide licences for mobile OS, it is Symbian which has traditionally held up to half of the world market, largely thanks to the dominance of Nokia in European markets. But over time Symbian has lost market share to other OS mobile providers including Apple's OSX and RIM's Blackberry OS.

Open source mobile OS services are being promoted by both Google (through Android) and Nokia (through Symbian) as a lower cost alternative to proprietary mobile OS standards and Microsoft's licence-based Windows Mobile OS standard.

But the goal of the new mobile OS standards is to become the centre of a sustainable mobile ecosystem, which includes handset, applications, content and provide recurring revenues to the handset or content company. In essence the control of the mobile OS is a key element in controlling the mobile ecosystem.

These developments affect the key foundations beneath the mobile telecoms industry, namely handsets and services. More opportunities will arise given the commitment by major players to support this arena. The digital commercial landscape is becoming more fractured with competitive activity increasing, indicating a proliferation in opportunities for players across the value chain. Can you afford to miss out on any such opportunities? And just how can your company make the most of this opportunity?

This report will show how rivals can compete given the current composition of the mobile value chain, with pressure on margins intensifying. Read this report and find out why and how a multitude of companies are leveraging OS platforms to rapidly grow their market presence and extending a wider variety of services and applications to a wider audience.

Why you need to read this report today:
• Advertisers/Marketers - Discover how competition in mobile OS will influence the market by introducing new online and offline advertising platforms and how this can be used to drive brands and best utilise the mobile space. Learn about market issues specifically related to Android, Symbian and the iPhone as well as their competitors.
• Mobile Operators - Learn what role there is for mobile operators in the expanding market of high end handsets and smartphones and what strategies are best employed in this area.
• Mobile handset vendors - Discover what mobile subscribers will want from their handsets and what Android and Symbian are working to bring the mobile market. Learn about opportunities in this market and how these can be best utilised.
• Mobile content providers - Discover what opportunities exist in the development of the mobile web and content from the Android, Symbian, iPhone and other platforms.

Who needs to read this report?

Directors, VP and Senior managers in:
• Mobile/Cellular carriers and operators
• Mobile handset manufacturers
• Mobile applications developers and engineers
• Mobile advertisers/marketers
• Mobile web content players

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