Extending Entity Framework and LINQ to SQL Support in ADO.NET Data Providers for Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite

Devart has recently announced the release of dotConnect products for Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite, ADO.NET providers that offer Entity Framework support, LINQ to SQL support, and contain an ORM model designer for developing LINQ to SQL and EF models based on different database engines.

Budapest, Hungary, May 31, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Entity Framework support in the providers is based on the two years' experience of working with this technology. It enables using server-specific features like, for example, REF CURSOR for Oracle and PostgreSQL database engines, and database specific functions for Entity SQL.

Their LINQ to Oracle, LINQ to MySQL, LINQ to PostgreSQL, LINQ to SQLite implementation share similar interface with the one of Micrsoft Linq to SQL implementation and expand it by a number of options like error processing, LoadOption on the query level (for example, query can return child entites, if set appropriately).

Among the new features they have added expanded support for stored procedures including out-of-order situations with REF CURSOR in Oracle and PostgreSQL, SqlMethods class for tuning SQL queries.

With the products of the dotConnect line they provide their own designer for modeling and code generation for ADO.NET Entity Framework and LINQ to SQL, Entity Developer. It can be distinguished by such features as extended naming rules, template based code generation, visualized and on-the-fly model schema validation, and full support of stored procedures.

Among the recent improvements, they have extended Entity Framework support, added support for Entity Framework ComplexType and all three types of inheritance, storage model became fully editable including easy-to-use editors for DefiningQuery and CommandText.

They offer a free Express edition for each product from the dotConnect product line.

The Single licenses start from as little as $99.95, and you can always choose the edition that matches your needs best. To learn more, download trial and free editions, or order a license please visit Devart site:

Please, feel free to download, try and write any comments and suggestions about their products.

Julia Samarska