Publisher, 360 Books, Releases New Title - Publish Your first Magazine: A Practical Guide for Wannabe Publishers by Lorraine Phillips

Have an idea for a magazine but don’t know where to start? Now you can learn in a weekend the 2 years of research that enabled this author to go directly from idea to newsstand after landing three distribution deals on the very first attempt.

Atlanta, GA, May 31, 2009 --( “This book has blazed your trail; the author has been there.
Read this book. It is far cheaper than a mistake.”
—Dan Poynter, publishing expert and author of The Self-Publishing Manual

“An incredible resource for aspiring or seasoned publishers. From basic business plan insights and typography tips to media kits and web tools, the only manuscript I’ll need to publish my first magazine!”
—Craig A. Williams, ‘The Last Man Standing’ - Donald Trump’s Apprentice (Season 3)

“If you’re thinking about starting your own magazine, you can do it the hard way -- or you can read this book! Lorraine Phillips’ plainspoken account of what it takes to create a successful magazine -- including how she did it herself -- will save you time and money. And, thanks to her upbeat attitude and good humor, you’ll also have a great time reading and learning how to make your publishing dream come true.”
—Jim Barnes, Editor - Independent Publisher

According to industry expert Samir A. Husni, 60 percent of new magazines fail within their first year. Publish Your First Magazine: A Practical Guide for Wannabe Publishers, a new book by Lorraine Phillips, former editorial director of SisterPower Magazine, provides prospective magazine publishers with the practical knowledge, firsthand experience, and valuable resources they need so their magazine not only has the chance to survive, but also thrive within the industry.

Publish Your First Magazine showcases Phillips’s knowledge of creating and producing a magazine. With a conversational tone to put publishing newcomers at ease, the book covers such topics as magazine business fundamentals, how to brand and design a publication, how to plan a magazine, business start-up costs, why a web site is needed and what it should contain, where to find great sources for content and imagery, how to work with printers, the importance of distribution, and the legalities of publishing.

The entire process of magazine publishing is described from start to finish, and Phillips provides examples of the actual documents she created and used along the way (e.g., production schedule, media kit, letter to distributors), which can be adapted by readers for their particular publishing needs. There is a comprehensive appendix that is filled with hundreds of resources and links to web sites that help answer start-up questions, as well as an extensive glossary of publishing terms that allows even fledgling magazine publishers to communicate like pros.

Publish Your First Magazine: A Practical Guide for Wannabe Publishers by Lorraine Phillips (ISBN 978-0-9822765-0-1) was released on June 1, 2009, and is priced at $19.95. The book is available through all major U.S. and U.K. bookstores and wholesalers, as well as online retailers such as, and

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