Father’s Day Gift That’ll Change His Life Blue Breeze Eliminates Odor Headaches Forever

Blue Breeze socks, t-shirts, towels, and sports gear miraculously wick away sweat and neutralize skin odors. This Father’s Day, enjoy a 15% discount, and let Dad relax all year long.

White Plains, NY, June 01, 2009 --(PR.com)-- For millions of American fathers, the daily battle with personal odor is a serious one, affecting career success, social interactions and self-confidence. Unpleasant odors coming from underarms, feet, scalp, or skin itself are not the result of healthy sweat, which is odorless. The villain is the bacteria which chemically react with the sweat to create pungent fumes.

Chemical products and special inserts attempt to block, mask or cover up the pungent smells, but are often ineffective—or even harmful. Blue Breeze comes to the rescue with a totally new technology—a natural and eco-friendly cotton fiber that reverses (and eliminates) odors.

Blue Breeze garments keep skin and outerwear fresh and odor-free, and Blue Breeze towels, washcloths and fitness gear absorbs sweat and freshen both skin and surroundings.

Such a revolutionary technology is not cheap. The t-shirts range around $88 and the towels, socks and head gear around $23. However, according to the reports of users, the cost is more than returned in better professional results—not to mention peace of mind:

-- Salespeople whose success depends on customer perceptions stay clean-smelling all day
-- Athletes keep their confident edge even after a heavy workout, and keep locker, gear, and bags odor free as well.
-- Air travelers can kick off their shoes without worry that they might offend others.
-- Urine smells are gone from body and bathroom too
-- Elders eliminate that sharp scent of aging skin, and
-- Sickroom odors are gone with the help of the Blue Breeze products.

Natural and skin-friendly, Blue Breeze keeps working for the life of the garment—and beyond. Normal laundering renews the odor-beating power. “Dads work hard to support their families, and Blue Breeze helps them stay fresh all day—and even if they have the chance to do a workout,” explains Arnold Yoshida, President of FMJ-USA Corporation. “They can enjoy their lives to the maximum, and feel fresh and confident at every moment.”

Blue Breeze is offering a special promotion from now until June 21, 2009, giving families the chance to give a Father’s Day gift that Dads can enjoy at work or at play. Just use the coupon code “LoveDad19” when placing your order, and you’ll get a 15 percent discount off your purchase.*1

To find out more about this brand new product that has swept Japan and is now being discovered by American consumers, go to their website: www.bluebreeze.us.

*1: One coupon code per customer. Cannot be combined with any other coupon or discount.

FMJ-USA Corporation
Connie Iguchi