How to Make Extra Money in This Tough Economy. Finally, It's Here.

A new online community provides a way for it's users to make extra cash, trade services and outsource any job, chore or service.

Bolingbrook, IL, June 01, 2009 --( It's here. And couldn't have come at a better time... A way where we all can get the best price on services of any kind, make money and trade one service for another.

The new online community called has created a way for anyone to outsource just about anything. Users of the community can have others to do their chores, run errands, have a personal trainer or Pilates instructor come to them rather than going out for the service, all at the price that you want to pay.

Yes, is designed to allow users to post jobs, chores or any service they need done, and other users(businesses and professionals) will bid on the posted task driving the price down and making it affordable. Marin White the owner and CEO of the online community says that he's seen some "very interesting" jobs posted. "I've seen a group of ladies hire a designated driver to take them to down town Chicago for a night out, I've seen many babysitters hired, lawn care, house paintings, vocal coaches, plumbers and the list goes on...many people have used the site for both outsourcing chores and making's a win/win for everyone." is also designed for anyone to setup an account to bid on the jobs, chores and tasks allowing them to make money. Users can setup notifications to let them know immediately, daily or weekly when a job of their expertise has been posted in their area. A user can then log on and place a bid on the job. White says, "I was almost brought to tears when I got a call from a subscriber that told me he was able to pay his gas bill off by finding work on our site, at that point I felt like my goal to help had been fulfilled. Many people have been able to make money and make ends meet and that was my goal going into this."

The community also allows businesses and individuals to barter and trade services with one another. "Spending the past 25 years in the restaurant business, I know how hard it is for small businesses to get serviced sometimes due to lack of cash or needing the cash for other priorities. Businesses being able to trade services with one another is a great way to get things done and hang on to your operating cash." says White.

White, a passionate patriot that is vowing to help our economy has many plans to help in other ways in the future, and is hopeful to spread the word of his online community so that it can help others like the "gas bill guy" as well as helping consumers of services and small business nationwide. This is a great service for all, a great service that's being done and a complete No Brainer in my opinion. Priced at $5 per year for all users, White explains "$5.00 per year is the lowest price I could charge to cover my expenses and pay my staff, many advisors tried to pressure me into charging $19.95 and then raise it to $24.95 after and year and so on...doing that doesn't help, I'm not out to nickle and dime people...I want everyone to be able to afford this and I want it to benefit all, $5.00 per year is the price, and so it is." Check out Marin White and the online community at: or contact him at:

Marvin White