True Dental Insurance with 5 Dollar Co Pay, Now Available in California, Florida & Texas

Senior Market Network, Inc. is Pleased to Announce That Local Insurance Professionals Have Teamed Up to Help Consumers with “Dental Benefits" All Across America, and The Dental Consultants Network is Now Selecting Insurance Professionals, to Serve as The Dental Benefits Consultant, in Their Local Neighborhood.

Orlando, FL, June 03, 2009 --( Dennis K. Thomas, President of Senior Market Network, Inc. announced today that Senior Market Network, Inc. and the Dental Consultant’s Network have teamed up with Local Insurance Professionals (USA), to offer the many services of the Dental Consultant’s Network to local consumers and is now selecting Local Insurance Professionals to serve as the local Dental Benefits Consultant. Local Dental Benefits Consultants will be helping consumers receive the most dental benefits, for the least amount of money.

While most consumers are cutting back on expenses, due to the current economy, the loss of health insurance and dental care is of major concern. It is sad, but the high cost of going to the dentist on a regular basis has left many people without coverage. Consumers are losing Corporate Health Insurance as well as dental benefits by the thousands. Everyone needs some type of cost-effective health and dental alternative to maintain their lifestyle. With health issues, a person can always go to the emergency room and receive care, not so with a dental emergency.

Local Dental Benefits Consultants of the Dental Consultants Network will be filling the gap for this deep rooted need of dental protection. There isn't much a person can do when their tooth is killing them, except find a way to get to the Dentist and have it fixed. Going untreated, as many people are doing these days, and dealing with the pain of a toothache can leave a person at risk of obtaining various diseases.

The American Dental Association has announced that the connection between oral health care and overall health is very strong. They stated, “Nearly 75% of Americans suffer from various forms of gum disease. This disease is reversible in its initial stages, but there is escalating evidence of the relationship between bacteria in the mouth and life threatening diseases.”

Dental Hygienists can even detect early signs of diseases such as: diabetes, heart disease, respiratory ailments, oral cancer, low birth weight, etc. All of these diseases are critical conditions that can be prevented if detected early or treated aggressively.

The Dental Consultants Network is pleased to offer options and solutions to consumers in the Marin County area. Local Dental Benefits Consultants will be able to enable consumers and existing clients’ with options on dental benefits that are sorely needed. Each Dental Benefits Consultant has various options available and can provide affordable, sustainable dental benefits that are coordinated for each client, their personal needs, and family members.

In order to get the word out that consumers now have options for low cost dental care, the Dental Consultants Network has provided the following network of websites for consumers to locate local information. This network of website includes over 30 websites; some of them are as follows:


“The Senior Market Network is committed to establishing many needed programs in their committed role in helping communities during these tough and difficult economic times that we are now rooted in. Whether it is providing extra Medicare Benefits that Seniors have earned and are entitled to or giving knowledge on getting help with high Rx cost, Senior Market Network, Inc. is here to help and providing affordable dental care is yet just another example of that, ” stated Lillian G. Vincent, Co-Founder of the Senior Market Network, Inc.

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