RayBiotech Now Offers Nearly 500 ELISA Kits

RayBiotech, the Protein Array Pioneer Company, has just increased its product line of different ELISA kits to 495, including ones detecting cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, angiogenic factors and adipokines in human, mouse, and rat samples.

Norcross, GA, June 03, 2009 --(PR.com)-- RayBiotech Now Offers Nearly 500 Different RayBio® ELISA Kits

RayBiotech, the Protein Array Pioneer Company, has just increased its product line of different ELISA kits to 495, nearly tripling the number of RayBio ELISA kits it offers for sale. This sudden leap in product offerings was the result of RayBiotech’s aggressive approach to antibody array development. RayBiotech is the leader in antibody array technology, offering more choices of protein targets that can be detected and array formats than any of its competitors.

Over the last 6 months, RayBiotech has substantially increased the number of ELISA antibody pairs validated for their quantitative antibody array platform, the Quantibody® Array, a true multiplex ELISA, measuring in a single sample aliquot the concentrations of up to 40 different proteins simultaneously with pg/ml sensitivity. These ELISA antibody pairs are now being made available as single ELISA kits for over 450 different targets, including a wide variety of cytokines and other proteins, in human, mouse, or rat samples.

“We probably have more choices of antibody arrays and protein targets that can be detected using an array than any single competitor, maybe even all of our competitors combined,” says Ray (Ruo-Pan) Huang, founder and President of RayBiotech, Inc. “We developed a number of pairs for our antibody arrays that are now available as standard, single-target ELISA assay kits.”

Available only as pre-coated 96-well plates, RayBiotech takes pride in the reliability and accuracy of its ELISA kits. Dozens of publications have featured RayBio® ELISA, including research published in Nature (2008; 455; 391-395, Human PDGF-AA), Nature Medicine (2007; 13: 742-747, Mouse G-CSF), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (2007; 104: 7438-7443, Mouse CXCL16, SDF-1), FASEB Journal (2009; 23: 351-361, Mouse SDF-1, SCF), and the Journal of Biological Chemistry (2007; 282: 34510-34524).

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