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Small Business Loan Survival Guide and the Increasing Use of Guerrilla Financing Tactics

A small business loan report about business owners using guerrilla loan tactics to obtain business financing has been published by AEX Commercial Financing Group. The AEX report is designed to serve as a short survival guide for commercial borrowers when they are seeking commercial loans. The practical need for businesses to resort to guerrilla finance tactics has been accelerated by the decreased performance of commercial banks in providing effective small business finance funding.

Leesburg, OH, June 03, 2009 --( AEX Commercial Financing Group has published a short survival guide for small business owners seeking alternative small business loan solutions in a challenging commercial lending climate. The AEX specialized business finance strategies are entirely legal and ethical and are referred to as guerrilla finance tactics because of the growing need for commercial borrowers to pursue more extreme measures in order to successfully obtain working capital loans and business financing. As noted by AEX, it is increasingly likely that business owners will need to resort to aggressive use of guerrilla loan tactics when seeking appropriate commercial finance funding.

According to Stephen Bush, Founder and Chief Executive Officer for AEX Commercial Financing Group, "In the current depressed lending climate, business borrowers should not hesitate to do whatever it takes for their business to survive. Our suggestions for adopting guerrilla loan tactics should be actively considered by most commercial borrowers in the early stages of their business finance search due to the growing failure of banks to provide a normal level of commercial funding and working capital financing."

Some of the guerrilla financing tactics discussed by AEX in their small business loan survival guide are (1) Business consulting as a first line of defense; (2) Determine whether your bank is a good bank or a bad bank; (3) Be prepared to fire your bank and your banker; and (4) Business cash advances and other specialized options for working capital. All of the guerrilla business financing strategies evaluated by AEX are both ethical and legal and are designed to help small business owners successfully deal with the harsh reality that banks are predominantly not functioning in a normal manner at the present time.

Business owners and their advisors are encouraged to contact AEX Commercial Financing Group for more details. AEX is based in Ohio and provides specialized business consulting help for commercial loans and commercial mortgages throughout the United States. More detailed information is available at the primary AEX website regarding their services:

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