Music Forte Merges, Leading Independent Artists to Success

Independent artists have something to celebrate. Music Forte is raising the bar in the Indie music industry. Music Forte ( is utilizing both online and offline sales and promotional strategies to provide a service that is meaningful to the fans, and effective to the artists.

Naperville, IL, June 04, 2009 --( Since the boom of social networks, sharing online music and media has become increasingly popular. YouTube, MySpace and Facebook, have all recently jumped on board, but have not focused on the needs of independent artists, while keeping a stronger aim towards ad-sales. Meanwhile, hundreds of websites have popped out of nowhere, attempting to claim the niche industry as their own.

Among those hundreds of sites, only a few have stood out as leaders in the industry, with most leaving the artists to fend for themselves. Still, Independent artists are commonly referred to as “struggling musicians”, and nothing of true significance has made any waves in the industry.

“Independent musicians have not been given a fair chance”, says Greg Percifield (owner and founder of Music Forte). “The methods of online promotion have had very little impact, which has kept the doors wide open for us”.

Since 2007, Music Forte has been in somewhat of a state of limbo. But behind the curtains, founders Greg Percifield and Dave Werba were seeking a business merger that could only occur with a bullet-proof business plan.

“We had very few offers in our initial search for partnership”, reports Dave Werba, who now also acts as the company’s Director of Public Relations. “We knew our story was compelling, but we were cautious to reveal our full strategy in our presentation on paper”.

Through luck and good fortune, Jeff Mason was introduced to Music Forte 1.5 years ago. As the president of Novatex Solutions, he and his skilled team of IT professionals have lead their fair share of online projects and have always had great success with whatever they have taken on. “The opportunity was one that we just could not pass up on” said Jeff Mason “we are always looking for companies with great potential that are being held back due to lack of experience and resources. When we saw Music Forte we knew we could step in and not only make them leaders in their market, but maybe even do something really special…” and with that a partnership between the two companies was formed. “The road ahead will be filled with challenges but we are confident that we have put together a plan that will not just make fans of independent music happy, but give all of the artists at Music Forte a chance to succeed in a very competitive market.”

Meanwhile, as reports continuously prove the decline of CD sales, and brick and mortar record stores are closing down, CD sales of Independent music continue to rise; the steep climb of digital media is even greater. Music Forte has a solution that includes both digital and tangible products, while utilizing advertising methods that promote both the artists as much as the company.

With strong backgrounds as musicians themselves, the founders showed amazing perseverance by keeping the company afloat, when at one time it appeared to be destined for ruin.

With several milestones yet to accomplish, only the future will reveal if Music Forte can claim the title of a true champion in the industry by leading Indie artists to a successful career. One thing is for sure; the giants of the social network industries will be watching and waiting with a careful eye and a checkbook in hand.

About Music Forte Inc.:
Music Forte is an S-Corp formed in May of 2004. Operations include Artist promotion and an eCommerce storefront which contains over half a million products for artists, students, and music enthusiasts.

Greg Percifield, Director of Website Operations
Music Forte Inc.

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