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Model Driven Solutions and No Magic Announce the First SoaML™ Profile with the Availability of Cameo™ SOA+

ModelPro™ Tooling to MagicDraw® Implements the First OMG™ UML® SoaML™ Profile and Enables Automated Transition from Model to Implementation.

Plano, TX, June 12, 2009 --( No Magic, Inc. and Model Driven Solutions (a division of Data Access Technologies, Inc.) announce the availability of Cameo™ SOA+. This MagicDraw® plug-in, now part of No Magic’s Cameo™ Suite, leverages the industry-wide adoption of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as a modernization approach to systems development. This approach has become well rooted in both commercial and government organizations. Cameo™ SOA+ is an implementation of the Object Management Group™’s (OMG™) latest standard, SoaML™. It is enhanced to additionally leverage the OMG®’s Model Driven Architecture® (MDA®) set of standards and provide for actual implementation of the SoaML™ models.

In implementing SoaML™, Cameo™ SOA+ leverages and extends the Unified Modeling Language® (UML®). It provides both developers and architects an integrated solution for creating optimal SOA architectures, models and implementations. This best-of-breed solution is available through combining the elegance of the award-winning MagicDraw® offering from No Magic with the power of the ModelPro™ MDA® open source tooling from Cameo™ SOA+ provides the ability to easily create SOA business and systems architectures. ModelPro™ automatically provides for the generation of web services including business logic and necessary associated artifacts that can then be customized to the specific target environment.

“With the recent adoption of the SoaML™ standard at the OMG™, it is exciting not only to be the first to market with the UML® profile for SoaML™ but also through ModelPro™ technologies be able to automatically generate the services needed to implement the entire SOA model”, said Gary Duncanson, President and CEO of No Magic, Inc. He continues, “Never before has there been such a standardized yet cost-effective SOA solution that combines a capable modeling environment with the ability to then test and execute the architecture. Our clients have been waiting for this ever since SOA was first talked about.”

“Cameo™ SOA+ provides SOA architects and developers a strategic capability that has been missing from the SOA landscape. Since Cameo™ SOA+ leverages SoaML™, the transition from enterprise SOA architectures to implementations becomes highly automated”, said Cory Casanave, President and CEO of Model Driven Solutions. “This further enables SOA strategies, greatly reducing implementation and maintenance costs, supporting multiple platform technologies while keeping architectures and implementations fully synchronized.”, continued Mr. Casanave.

About No Magic, Inc.
One of the most respected providers of standards-compliant architecture and business modeling offerings in the industry celebrates its 11th year anniversary of its product line in 2009. The Cameo™ Suite supports the full enterprise application life-cycle from business requirements/planning through and including final testing with award-winning, OMG® standards-compliant products that efficiently model your organizational structure, business processes, applications, information and technology. MagicDraw® supports multiple domain-specific models based on UML including: BPMN, SysML, DoDAF/UPDM, MDD, unit testing, data modeling and more. Professional services include training, consulting, custom applications and MagicDraw® product customizations such as custom modeling domain diagrams, requirements management, team collaboration, design and analysis.

Founded in 1995, No Magic, Inc. is headquartered in Plano, Texas with operations worldwide. More information can be found by visiting

About Model Driven Solutions, a Division of Data Access Technologies, Inc. (DAT)
Model Driven Solutions provides professional services and products that leverage Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Model Driven Architecture® (MDA®) techniques and standards to assist major organizations in achieving effectiveness and agility in a changing and collaborative world. Founded in 1996, Model Driven Solutions has been a leader in the development of open standards and supporting products that result in Executable Enterprise Architectures (EEA). Model Driven Solutions’ EEA focus helps drive information systems to quickly and cost effectively address business and defense initiatives. Active in the Object Management Group™ (OMG™), the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS), the Open Group and other standards development organizations, Model Driven Solutions has provided industry leadership that is presently resulting in significant technological advancements and customer satisfaction. With customers like the US General Services Administration (GSA), the US Army, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Kaiser Permanente, Unisys and many others, Model Driven Solutions is at the leading edge of today’s software technology advances.

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