HFC International Interview with Anne Graham Lotz Discovers - Billy Graham - Growing (Old) in God’s Grace

World renowned evangelist Billy Graham has had to readjust his life because of Parkinson’s Disease.

London, United Kingdom, June 05, 2009 --(PR.com)-- He became a household word in, not only Christian circles, but in the homes of most of the people across the globe. Personally, in his lifetime, he has preached to over 215 million people and, estimates say, seen 2 ½ million come forward in his meetings to receive Jesus Christ as Saviour. His radio and TV audiences have reached over 2 billion viewers and listeners. Evangelist Billy Graham has been the confidante and spiritual advisor to American presidents and men and women of fame, financial and political power.

Today the once busy minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is still active but not as before. His daughter Anne Graham Lotz, the second of the Graham’s five children and wife of a dentist, operates a ministry called AnGeL Ministries which, following in her father’s footsteps, reaches out internationally. About her father’s new pace of ministry she stated in an interview recently: “My father didn’t really retire until his body sort of quit on him. He has always said that, for a minister of the Gospel, there is no retirement, but his body decided differently.” It was 17 years ago that Billy Graham was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. “He has a difficult time hearing, a difficult time seeing, a difficult time walking. His heart is still strong. His mind is clear.” Ann continues. “He said many times that he had known all of his life how to die but nobody ever taught him how to grow old. I told my Daddy he’s teaching me how to grow old just by watching him. He’s done it with enormous grace and gentleness but it’s very hard. Anyone who has been active in any sphere and then find themselves set aside, to an extent, would understand. He’s not frustrated. He’s not impatient. He’s not struggling against it.” The evangelist is not just coping but is using his experience. His daughter says that “He’s in the process of writing a book, or his people are helping him, on aging. I hope he is able to complete that because I think he would have a lot to say, just from his own experience.”

Ann Graham Lotz shared her thoughts and some of her conversations with her father as well as other principles of leadership which she uses in a 1 hour interview for the TV / DVD series “Principles of Leadership” produced by a U. K. Christian ministry / charity - Harvest Fields Commissioning International and its media production arm - OLI Productions. The series “Principles of Leadership” is currently being broadcast on 16 Christian worldwide including SAT 7 (the Middle East), CNL (Russia and worldwide), Gospel Channel (Scandinavia), The Australian Christian Channel, The Miracle Channel (Canada), Shine TV (New Zealand) and U Channel (Indonesia). Some of the 39 previous guests on the TV programme are TV minister Andrew Wommack, author Lisa Bevere, New York Times best selling author Joyce Meyer, Head of the Britsh Army General Sir Richard Dannatt, Evangelist Dr. Luis Palau, George Carey, George Verwer, Loren Cunningham, Brother Andrew (author of the best selling book “God’s Smuggler) and Brother Yun (author of the best selling book “The Heavenly Man”).

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