“The Shack” Producer Opens “Stars in His Crown”

The producer of the upcoming adaptation of the best selling book “The Shack” is the first guest in a unique new international TV series. - October 21, 2009

On the Road ... To Meet Christianity’s Leaders

For five years one of the most unique TV series has been filming its interviews all over the world. - August 16, 2009

British Four Star General Shares “My Hope for Peace” in HFC International Interview

The Head of the British Army, General Sir Richard Dannatt, has shared his hopes for peace in a recent TV interview. - June 19, 2009

HFC International Interview with Anne Graham Lotz Discovers - Billy Graham - Growing (Old) in God’s Grace

World renowned evangelist Billy Graham has had to readjust his life because of Parkinson’s Disease. - June 05, 2009

HFC International Investigative Film Discovers - God at work in China

In spite of worldwide economic woes the economy – the Christian church in China is flourishing. - June 04, 2009

Opera Singer Leaves Low Notes Behind - Meets HFC International TV Crew

Opera singer Liliana Oliveri contemplates her past in a Milan, Italy TV interview. - June 04, 2009

The Life and Regrets of an International Ambassador

In a recent interview country western singer George Hamilton IV reveals his life and regrets. - March 27, 2009

A “Who’s Who” of Christianity Enters Its Final Season

A TV series that features top Christian leaders is filming its final programmes. - March 01, 2009

Facing Clouds of Burnout in This Economic Climate

The present crisis in the economy is bringing more pressure on workers and more opportunity to succumb to classic burnout. - February 21, 2009

Two Dutch Heroes Highlighted in New Documentary

A documentary about two Dutch heroes has just been released by a U. K. based charity. - January 13, 2009

"Fire in Brazil" Set to Spread to Milan

A U. K. Charity’s documentary film about Brazil has been nominated as a finalist at a prestigious Milan film festival. - October 06, 2008

Leaders Explain How “Social Meets Gospel”

Some of Christianity’s top leaders share their ideas about the balance between social action and evangelism in a new documentary film. - September 08, 2008

Pop Singer Offers Solution to Knife Culture

Pop singer Yazz offers her own solution to the knife culture that has invaded Britain. - July 25, 2008

Love and Life from the “Me Decade”

Five young men, in the 70’s, began five new streams of Christianity that have now become internationally influential. - July 01, 2008

Release of Film on China Honours the Life and Death of Hudson Taylor

A documentary film about China is to be released on the anniversary of the death of missions pioneer Hudson Taylor. - June 06, 2008

The Church in China - Olympic Hopes and High Anxiety

The Christian Church in China has different hopes and expectations about the 2008 Olympics to be held in Beijing. - April 27, 2008

"God’s Smuggler" Caught on HD

“Brother Andrew,” the best-selling author, recently revealed his principles of leadership. - April 04, 2008

Leaders Learning "What They Never Taught at Harvard Divinity School"

A new film has been released that explains “What They Never Taught at Harvard Divinity School.” - February 22, 2008

Trying to Answer Unanswered Questions - Kenya

While many questions remain unanswered about the future of the current conflict in Kenya a documentary film crew delved into the roots and solution to the problems there. - February 14, 2008

HFC International Begins Documenting the Harvest in HD

A U.K. based charity has begun production of four high definition films for TV and general release in 2008. Their award nominated films have been broadcast worldwide. - January 18, 2008

Mathematics Professor Becomes Mega-Church Pastor

From a University professor to the Pastor of the largest church in Africa, Dr. William Kumuyi’s life has taken a change of direction – definitely for the better. - November 07, 2007

“Deciding Who’s On First - Setting Priorities” - A New Leadership Resource from Harvest Fields Commissioning International

In a new 39-minute film “Deciding Who’s On First – Setting Priorities” many of the world’s top Christian leaders share the truths that they have learned through many years of experience and by leading large numbers of team members. - July 05, 2007

The “Elgin Marbles” Featured in New Documentary on Athens - “Source of Ancient Pathways”

The heavily debated “Elgin Marbles” are featured in a one hour documentary “Source of Ancient Pathways” newly released by Harvest Fields Commissioning International and OLI Productions. This film examines the historical, artistic and religious setting of the ancient city of Athens and its place in the 21st century. - March 31, 2007

J. John Joins “Principles of Leadership” Line-up

Greek-Cypriot evangelist J. John was recently interviewed for HFC International’s “Principles of Leadership” film series. He joins a list of notable leaders such as best-selling author Joyce Meyer and Jackie Pullinger. - March 24, 2007

A Trail of Two Cities Film Released by Harvest Fields Commissioning International

A unique documentary film, “A Trail of Two Cities – Ephesus and Patmos,” has just been released by Harvest Fields Commissioning International and OLI Productions. Three years in production and editing in Turkey, Greece and the U.K., the film colourfully compares and contrasts the two cities and cultures which make up these Biblical cities. - February 01, 2007

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