Dog Bowls Become Status Symbols as Trendy Dog Bowls Emerge

Dog bowls have become the latest status symbol among affluent dog owners across the United States. It used to be Rolex watches, flashy cars, and now more than ever people are using dog bowls and other items for their dogs as status symbols.

Boca Raton, FL, August 12, 2006 --( Simple dog bowls that cost only a few dollars no longer suffice, when dog bowls now come in all colors, shapes, sizes and materials costing 10 times more than the $10 dog bowls you find at a pet store.

These status symbol dog bowls are typically ceramic dog bowls or steel dog bowls. What makes these items unusual isn't the material, it's the design. Some of these bowls come in pastel pinks and yellow colors. Others are shaped like an oval tilted on it's side - more reminiscent of a piece of modern art sculpture than a place for a dog to drink water.

In addition, to the water capacity of these personalized dog bowls, these companies offer raised dog bowls as well for those taller dogs. These elevated dog bowls are sometimes situated 1 to 2 feet above the ground. It's an ideal way to pamper senior dogs with joint problems who may have trouble bending over constantly to drink from a water bowl.

Two designers of dog bowls, Joanne Hudson and Pedishe offer custom made and engraved dog bowls. These personalized dog bowls all the owner to engrave their dog's name on the bowl. The dog's name can be engraved or printed in a variety of font sizes and colors -- gold and platinum are apparently very popular. These personalized dog bowls can be large dog bowls, small dog bowls, and everything in between.

According to Dr. Debra Primovic, Veterinarian and resident dog expert at Internet pet website designer dog bowls are only one of many ways dogs are being pampered by their owners.

For example, in the company's buyer's guide for dog bowls she sites that there are more dog bowls choices now than ever.

Dr. Primovic says, "These dog bowls all get the job done by satisfying a thirsty dog. A noticeable portion of today's market for dog bowls is more about preference, status and fashion than it is about function."

Considering the hundreds of dog bowls available today, it's clear dog owners do have a wide range of dog bowls from which to choose.

Celina Klee