Side Lines Online Launches: Opinion and Current Event Site Featuring Mike Broemmel Goes Lives

New Internet based current events and opinion site goes live, featuring author-lecturer Mike Broemmel.

Westminster, CO, June 05, 2009 --( Side Lines Online, which can be found at, went live on Monday June 1, 2009, featuring commentary and a discussion of current events by Mike Broemmel. Later in June a companion Internet radio talk show will launch, also featuring Mike Broemmel.

On the day of the website going live, Mike Broemmel immediately dove into one of the most controversial issues of the past forty years: abortion. In the aftermath of the killing of Dr. George Tiller while he was attending church services in Wichita, Kansas, Broemmel directly addressed the heated controversy surrounding abortion in the United States, including late term abortions as performed by Tiller.

“Through my involvement in politics over the course of the past 25 years, I did have occasion to run into George Tiller in person from time to time. Truly, no matter what a person's stand is on abortion, a truly compassionate individual should be appalled by the slaying of Dr. Tiller,” Broemmel remarked. “I did not intend to start my involvement with Side Lines Online discussing abortion. However, the murder of Dr. Tiller motivated me to share some thoughts about abortion and the debate over this issue.”

Mike Broemmel's commentary at Side Lines Online included:

“Yesterday afternoon I was enjoying a quiet afternoon at home when I received a telephone call from a friend who like myself is a former resident of Kansas. He called to tell me of the murder of George Tiller, M.D. The doctor was shot to death while at church serving his fellow parishioners as an usher. My own research suggests that Dr. Tiller was one of three doctors in the United States who provide this type of late pregnancy termination.

“Through this essay I do want to make one simple point. What I hope you carry away from this essay is the realization that when we contemplate the life of a person – including Dr. Tiller – we must consider that individual's time on Earth from a broad perspective. We need to examine all that he or she has done.

“At about the time I met Dr. Tiller I also learned another element of his practice that the media is not addressing on any level. Yes, Dr. Tiller provided very challenging and controversial abortion services. And, he has also assisted people – including two personal friends of mine – in building their own families through adoption. He has worked to pair up pregnant women who could not raise a child of their own, on their own, with loving men and women who wanted to adopt.

“I have no idea how many families Dr. Tiller helped create. He undertook these efforts in a very quiet manner, never making an issue of it even when he was being brutally attacked by so-called pro-life activists."

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