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Bilbao, Spain, June 06, 2009 --( European Internships has created a new course which is to be incorporated into the programmes which can be studied through the Schools & Courses Virtual Classroom. This Basic Hotel Management Course is aimed at students interested in getting to know the characteristics of the catering industry in Spain.

They can now offer the course in English for those students who are less familiar with the Spanish language. All queries, activities and communication with the teacher can be done in English.

The Course includes a basic vocabulary guide so that students can familiarise themselves with the Spanish language and its vocabulary.

The Course has been created to answer a learning need expressed by students during their trip to Spain and it is a great complement to the “Work in Hotels” programme.

The “Work in Hotels” programme allows students to learn Spanish and to get to know the Spanish culture by working and living in hotels situated in Spain. Naturally, some of the students are unaware of many aspects of the socioeconomic reality of Spain and the characteristics of the hotel industry.

This is precisely what the Basic Catering Course aims to explain: aspects of the cultural, gastronomic and economic reality of Spain in relation to the catering industry. The Course is divided into 7 didactic units dealing with topics relating to restaurants, hotels, food, gastronomy, table service, serving staff etc. The estimated duration of the Course is 40 hours and combines theoretic content with practical elements.

The Course is imparted through the Virtual Classroom which is a modern learning tool where you can find the main content of the course, complementary materials and other documents of interest, course activities and self-evaluation exercises. The Virtual Classroom allows you to contact other students and your designated tutor through forums, chatrooms and direct communication with the teacher.

Details on content, methodology and the teaching team can be found in the Teaching Guide.

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