Enjoy a Spanish Course with Chocolate and Churros

Enjoy churros with chocolate while you practice your Spanish with other Institute Hemingway students. - July 18, 2009

Instituto Hemingway Offers Internship for German Law Students

Why not boost your CV with an internship in Spain? - June 06, 2009

Work Placements with European Internships (in Association with Instituto Hemingway)

European Internships and Instituto Hemingway are working together to bring you the best work placements availble. - June 06, 2009

Internship in Foreign Trade with French and Basic Spanish

Instituto Hemingway is offering native French speakers with a basic level of Spanish a new work experience opportunity, working in a company based in Bilbao for a minimum of six months. - June 05, 2009

Art After Dark - Instituto Hemingway Encourages Students Experience the Guggenheim in a Different Way; When the Lights Go Out

The Guggenheim museum will open its doors from 10pm until 1am on the first Friday every month to give people the chance to visit the exhibitions whilst enjoying music from some of the best known international DJs. This event aims to attract younger people to the museum and give them the chance to... - June 05, 2009

ELE Award- A Course for Spanish Teachers

This course provides an exciting opportunity for native Spaniards to teach Spanish to people from all over the world. - June 04, 2009

Exclusive Discounts on Spanish Courses for EuroSocorristas Lifeguards

Instituto Hemingway offers special discounts to lifeguards who are working as part of the EuroSocorristas program on Spanish Courses at their Spanish language school in Bilbao, - June 04, 2009

Wine-Tasting at Instituto Hemingway

Appreciate Spain's rich wine culture with a tasting course at Instituto Hemingway. - June 03, 2009

Surf in Bilbao with Instituto Hemingway

Enjoy a free surfing course in Bilbao during June when you stay with them for a month or more. - June 03, 2009

Bullfighting and Spanish Courses with Instituto Hemingway

Learn Spanish with them here in Bilbao and learn to appreciate a popular cultural activity in Spain- bullfighting. - June 03, 2009

BBK Live Festival Here in Bilbao

Come to Bilbao for an unforgettable live music festival, and study Spanish with them at Instituto Hemingway. - June 03, 2009

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