Forensic Imaging & Archiving is Taking the Sting Out of Construction Defect Cases

FIA Announces New Repairs & Renovation Division.

San Diego, CA, June 06, 2009 --( Forensic Imaging & Archiving (FIA,) a quality assurance firm offering expertise in all types of vertical construction, announces their Repair & Renovation Division. This is a new division to handle repairs and renovations for projects that have systemic construction defects. The new division designed to help developers, WRAP insurers and General Contractors take the sting out of Construction Defect Lawsuits, which are increasingly becoming more frequent in the down economy.

FIA offers expertise in all types of vertical construction including mixed use, residential and commercial high rises. Whether a project is all new construction or performing repairs/renovations, FIA is increasing accountability and reducing liability “one photograph at a time.” The Repairs and Renovations Division of FIA aims to prove that some good deeds do go unpunished.

“Now that the real estate boom has gone bust, many new home and condo owners are finding themselves with drastically reduced property values and are looking for ways to recover,” said Marlon Akins, Sales Vice President of FIA. “Construction defect lawsuits have risen steadily since the 1980’s, however the current economic conditions could foster a record jump. This economy has already sapped property values and diminished retirement savings at a pace faster than most individuals can offset with current earnings.”

FIA’s new division has implemented a protocol that will photographically document found conditions, protection practices, repairs, and left conditions to protect all parties involved. They will be involved from inception to completion of the project to provide an independent Third Party account of the events taking place. This independent account will provide much needed leverage and goodwill in the case of defect litigation. FIA is advocating that responsible parties in potential construction defect cases make the repairs/changes voluntarily and before they are compelled to. Because in most defect cases, the problem is going to get fixed, it is only a matter of when and how much.

“As a developer, I realize that now is the time to be pro-active, because the question is not if there will be a lawsuit, but when,” said FIA President, David A. Blackburn. “Our new division will protect developers, insurers and contractors from many types of damages.”

About FIA FIA is a Quality Assurance Firm founded in 2007, to provide the highest level of quality assurance, quality control, and risk management in the Construction, Aviation, Building Envelope and Marine Industries through a patented software created by the original venture, Construction Imaging & Archiving(2004). For more information visit or call 877-FIA-INC1 (342-4621).

Forensic Imaging & Archiving (FIA,)
Maya Ellman