"Bedside Tales of Sultan" Unfolds Its Sails to be the Next "Arabian Nights"

Kybele Art publishes the Bedside Tales of Sultan fairytale book. Bedside Tales of Sultan is a collection of fairy tales, fantasies and moral stories that appeals to children and adults.

Toronto, Canada, June 06, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Kybele Art, the art division of Kybele Films, a Toronto-based film and video production company publishes “Bedside Tales of Sultan”, a fairytale book by Murat Guvenc. The book unfolds through the story of a young Sultan who develops a sleeping disorder and finds salvation listening to fairy tales in order to ease his loneliness and boredom. Along the lines of the Arabian Nights, readers listen to a different story every night meeting with people from the royal court - sultans, viziers, judges and people who possess magical powers. The book is comprised of fifteen stories.

Author Murat Guvenc says “I’m inspired to write this book because I see fairy tales as a connection point between various cultures. Although we were all born and grew up in different lands, infused with different ideals and express our thoughts and beliefs in different languages, we still have so many commonalities, sharing the same history, using the same earthly resources and inheriting the same collective unconscious. I believe fairy tales are the foundation of human social and psychological evolution and a great example to demonstrate how a myth cultivated many years ago in some part of the world can still be embraced with the same joy and interest in another part.” According to Murat every story in Bedside Tales of Sultan is different but yet they all have one thing in common; they are bedside tales, life lessons that invigorate our imagination and entertain us.

The book cover design and promotion website is done by X Height Media, http://www.theareax.com/home_xheightmedia.htm an art and design house in Toronto.

Bedside Tales of Sultan is distributed by Amazon.com distribution channel in North America at http://www.amazon.com/Bedside-Tales-Sultan-Murat-Guvenc/dp/144210256X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1242440036&sr=1-1.

For more information about Bedside Tales of Sultan, please visit book website at http://www.bedsidetalesofsultan.com or contact author at murat@bedsidetalesofsultan.com .

About Murat Guvenc
Murat Guvenc manages production development slate of Kybele Films as a writer and producer since 2002. He wrote and produced ‘Hungarian Salami and completed screenplays "Broken Eggs", a sci-fi/drama and 'Eyes of Dreams', a psychological drama for Kybele Films. Murat has been writing theater plays and fairy tales since 1996. Murat is currently working on his cook book, an ancient journey to Mediterranean in search for pleasure, joy and flavor and a collection of short screenplays about magic, myth and dreams.

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