The New Courses of Art, Fashion and Design at School Leonardo da Vinci of Florence

All information about the original courses of drawing, painting, fashion and design offered by the Leonardo da Vinci School in Florence, school specialized in Italian language teaching to foreign students.

Florence, Italy, June 08, 2009 --( The School Leonardo da Vinci of Florence, leading school in Italian language and culture teaching to foreign students, created some very original courses entirely dedicated to those students who, in addition to learning Italian language, wish to continue their art studies.

The school in fact, presents the Art Courses in Florence, a category of courses which includes art studies, such as “Drawing Courses”, “Painting Courses” and innovative studies dedicated to Italian fashion and design lovers: “Italian Design” and “Italian Fashion”.

Such courses have a minimum duration of two weeks (which can be extended for Drawing and Painting Courses) and are intended for students who already have a basic knowledge of Italian language. During such courses, participants will be able to try a different approach to Italian language and culture with a more in-depht knowledge of artistic technique, fashion and design history.

Participants of the Drawing Courses for example, will learn the most important techniques for objects' representation, for chiaroscuro and perspective; whereas, the Painting Course will show to students the secrets of the several existing painting techniques, also through a continuous comparison with the teacher.

On the other hand, the courses dedicated to Italian fashion and design, focus on the history of such two peculiar aspects of Italian culture, by observing the many changes they underwent throughout the years.

The Art Courses of the Leonardo da Vinci School in Florence represent a unique occasion to enjoy an extraordinary holiday in the “belpaese” and to plunge into passion for art, fashion and design at the same time.

Further information are available on the Italian language School Leonardo da Vinci's website.

School Leonardo Da Vinci
Alessandra Ricci