New HAYGAIN Hay Steamer

London, United Kingdom, June 07, 2009 --( PROPRESS Equine have launched the new HAYGAIN, a revolutionary hay steamer. Haygain transforms any quality of hay into dust-free forage giving horses a healthier respiratory system and maximising their performance.

HAYGAIN has been created at Propress Ltd, experts with more than 60 years of specialist experience in the steam appliance industry, supplying fabric steamers to leading fashion designers and high street brands worldwide. As leaders in steam products for a wide range of applications Propress bring a wealth of knowledge to the equine market.

One in six horses suffer from breathing problems in the UK and 80% of horses stabled part of the time have a degree of airway inflammation even if they are asymptomatic. The HAYGAIN hay steamer helps provide the ideal solution and steams the hay at over 100˚C, to destroy all dust spores and mould and mites that are found in hay.

New HAYGAIN hay steamer is a fully insulated unit with a unique design and function enabling the steam to enter and penetrate the centre of the bale, releasing steam which defuses outwards, ensuring the entire bale is steamed effectively.

The unit has been developed over a number of years using scientific research and practical feedback from leading yards from various disciplines.

This has resulted in the only scientifically proven hay steamer that is robust and easy to use and maintain. The unit is designed to take an entire strung hay bale but if required can also be used with haynets or wedges of hay. The steamed hay is ready to feed in 50 minutes and retains its nutritional value and goodness.

The common misconception is to soak hay, which is not only messy and laborious but also reduces the nutritional content and produces a liquid waste that is classed as an environmental pollutant.

The unique concept has been researched, developed and tested at the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester. Led by Dr Moore-Colyer, the research found that hay treated with the HAYGAIN hay steamer destroys all mould and spores present, in effect making the hay sterilised.

Findings prove that one gram of untreated hay will contain around 7,750,000 spores. HAYGAIN reduces that number to 0 and so has proved itself to outperform any other hay steamer.

Tim Oliver
+44 (0)333 200 5233