Steaming Hay by HAYGAIN at Badminton

London, United Kingdom, June 07, 2009 --( Do you want to learn more about feeding hay, the problems associated and how to eliminate these?

Visit Haygain, the experts in steaming hay at Badminton Horse Trials. Situated in the World of the Horse, their exhibit gives an insight into this fascinating technique of steaming hay which will change your perceptions.

All horses need a healthy respiratory system to perform to their maximum ability. Dust and fungal spores naturally found in hay compromise this. Steaming hay completely solves this problem.

The HAYGAIN hay steamer has been created by the experts at Propress Ltd, who have more than 60 years of specialist experience in the steam industry, supplying clothing steamers to leading designers and high street brands worldwide.

More than 1 in 6 horses suffer from breathing problems, severely affecting their health and performance. Additionally, 80% of horses stabled part of the time have a degree of airway inflammation, even if they are asymptomatic; this undoubtedly has a detrimental affect on their performance. Steaming hay using HAYGAIN provides the ideal solution: the unit steams the hay at over 100˚C, to destroy all the dust, spores and mould that are found in hay.

HAYGAIN steamed hay is warm, sweet smelling and palatable. The unit is designed to take an entire strung hay bale, but if required can also be used with hay nets or wedges of hay. The steamed hay is ready to feed in approximately 50 minutes and retains its complete nutritional value and goodness.

The revolutionary concept has been researched, developed and tested at the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester. Led by Dr Moore-Colyer, the research found that hay treated with the HAYGAIN steamer destroys all mould and spores present, in effect sterilising the hay.

Badminton rider Matt Ryan said: "I am a keen supporter of the concept of steaming hay and recently took part in field trials with the PROPRESS HAYGAIN from which I drew very positive conclusions and was so impressed with its unique design and performance that i am now feeding only HAYGAIN steamed hay.”

Tim Oliver
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