What to do When IT System Failure is Not an Option - MicroAge Webinar

This webinar is designed for business owners, IT managers and network administrators looking for insights and ideas on how to plan, develop and implement data protection, availability and recovery solutions.

Montreal, Canada, June 07, 2009 --(PR.com)-- The MicroAge network, a leading Canadian IT solution provider, will host a free webinar on Disaster Recovery Solutions. The webinar takes place on Thursday June 18th, 1:00 p.m. EST

The ability to protect business-critical information and to recover it quickly when failures occur can mean the difference between your business’s demise and its survival. This webinar looks at the latest solutions to help you minimize the costs and risks of data loss.

Highlights include:

High availability: How to protect your data using secondary (redundant) facilities or equipment – physical, virtual or both – to eliminate the risks of a single-point failure.

Disaster recovery: How to deploy proven tools, systems and processes to back up your files and applications more efficiently and recover them more quickly after a failure or outage.

A physical/virtual 2-in-1 solution: How to achieve “the best of both worlds” by integrating IBM DS4/500 series servers with specialized VMware software for backup, fault tolerance, high availability and site recovery.

Q&A: Discuss your disaster recovery/business continuity issues and concerns with experts from IBM and MicroAge.

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Arnaud Joakim