ioSafe Announces New 2009 Public Awareness Program

Making Data Safe from Fires, Floods and Disaster Cited

Auburn, CA, June 07, 2009 --( IoSafe, a leader in providing physical security using its fireproof and waterproof back-up hard drives, has announced its renewed customer acquisition effort through a public awareness program. "There are 25.4 million businesses in the U.S.," said ioSafe CEO, Robb Moore. "When small cap businesses lose data by fire, flood or other natural disaster, the chance of bankruptcy within 9 months increases exponentially."

At a recent CES Exposition in Las Vegas, Mr. Moore said, "Physical damage to data storage devices is usually an after thought, if considered at all. It's not just when a Hurrican Katrina strikes that data is destroyed. The risk is always there. Data is an undervalued, under insured asset. Our push now is to increase public awareness."

IoSafe is the leader among Fortune 500 companies with its suite of data protection appliances. Demand for fireproof, waterproof data protecion is increasing, and ioSafe is committed to making sure our nation enterprises are ready.

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Greg Hall
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