Adventure Motorcycle Instructional DVD from GlobeRiders Covers BMW’s F800 GS

Over 4 hours of motorcycle instruction, maintenance tips, and parts reviews in new BMW F800 GS DVD from GlobeRiders.

Seattle, WA, June 09, 2009 --( International travel adventure motorcycle expert, Helge Pedersen, and six BMW F800 GS riders share their ideas on gearing up and maintaining their BMW F800 GS bikes for the road. This is the premise for GlobeRiders’ new instructional DVD about the BMW F800 GS adventure touring motorcycle.

GlobeRiders BMW F800 GS Adventure Touring Instructional DVD covers a variety of subjects including maintenance, fixing flat tires, special parts reviews, accessory ideas, and luggage systems that work on the BMW F800GS. These are subjects focused towards the BMW F800 GS motorcycle, but are of interest to riders of all motorcycle brands. Each feature of the F800 GS is discussed and scrutinized to help viewers better understand their bikes and motorcycle adventure touring in general.

“We strive to give viewers a broad spectrum of ideas to consider for their own bike – everyone has a different opinion and this helps in coming up with what works best for their bike.” states John Wehman, Marketing Representative for GlobeRiders.

Over half of the 4 hour DVD program includes motorcycle travel expert Helge Pedersen, providing demonstrations and tips on basic motorcycle maintenance that can be preformed at home or during a trip. These activities include how to change oil and air filters, front and rear brake systems, puncture repair and tire changes. All are important functions to know when mechanical issues come up on-the-road and in the middle of nowhere.

Each of the BMW F800 GS riders interviewed provides insight as to why they chose certain styles and brands of products to add to their bikes. During recent years the market for motorcycle products has grown tremendously. Product manufacturers are constantly coming up with new designs and materials that provide a specific look or use that a rider is looking for depending on how and where they ride.

The selection of panniers, for example, to carry gear can be quite confusing. There are many styles and materials to choose from. Each rider in the show explains their thought process in deciding on the pannier that works best for them. Some riders look for ease of opening – top lid coming off completely or hinged so it doesn’t get lost. Panniers may be permanently fixed to the motorcycle or removable. For other riders the weight is a major factor. Some riders prefer a small, slim compartment for short trips, others need larger containers for extended trips to hold camping gear and extra clothing. The ability to stand up to extreme weather or a strong impact is always a major concern.

The DVD also includes an interview with German rider Doris Wiedemann, traveling with her companion Sjaak Lucassen on a major motorcycle travel adventure from Key West, Florida to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in mid-winter. They stopped in Seattle, WA during their journey and discussed their bikes with Helge Pedersen and shared their views for the video audience. Doris had decked out her F800 GS to withstand the many treacherous roads and conditions they have encountered. To prepare for Alaska she added even more gear including stronger crash bars and rock guards. Carrying their own gear on each bike including camping gear for a 70 day journey had proven to be a challenge for the riders. Doris’ comments provide insight for riders gearing up and planning similar trips.

This is the fourth motorcycle instructional and maintenance DVD produced by GlobeRiders during the past 3 years. Other DVD titles cover the BMW R1200GS, BMW R1100/1150GS and the BMW F650GS. GlobeRiders also produces motorcycle travel adventure documentaries filmed throughout the world including GlobeRiders Silk Road Adventure, GlobeRiders Iceland Adventure and GlobeRiders IndoChina Expedition. In July 2009, GlobeRiders will be releasing its fourth DVD travel adventure documentary, GlobeRiders World Tour, which was originally broadcast on SPEED Channel.

GlobeRiders BMW F800GS Adventure Touring Instructional DVD has a suggested retail price of $34.95. It is available, along with other GlobeRiders DVDs, via online DVD retailers, motorcycle dealers and parts outlets nationally. For more information, go to or contact your nearest BMW motorcycle shop.

GlobeRiders LLC is a motorcycle travel adventure company and multi-media production company founded by Helge Pedersen, located in Shoreline WA USA. Helge has traveled the world by motorcycle for over 20 years, visiting over 100 countries on 6 continents covering over 600,000 miles. He is an internationally recognized expert in long-duration motorcycle journeys and leads group motorcycle adventure tours throughout the world. Wide World HD Productions LLC, located in Seattle WA USA, partners with GlobeRiders handling video production and editing of GlobeRiders motorcycle instructional DVDs and cultural documentary video programming.

GlobeRiders LLC
John Wehman - Marketing Representative