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Skidmark Cards

A New Approach to Help Fund Shelters for Victims of Domestic Abuse

Women's shelters are full, demand is at an all time high. A new greeting card company tries to help raise funds for victims of domestic abuse.

Cumberland, RI, June 07, 2009 --( “Greeting Card Company Looks to Make a Difference”

Domestic violence permeates every facet of society. It doesn’t discriminate. It cares not if you are rich or poor, white or black, affluent or anonymous.

Shelters for these victims are at the mercy of our woefully under performing economy. Under funded at a time when demand has risen, perhaps, ironically, because of this same stagnant or shrinking economy. Money problems often lead to arguments or worse, between financially struggling couples.

Helping to fund shelters for victims of domestic abuse is exactly what a new start-up greeting card company has vowed to do. Skidmark Cards, an edgy name to be sure, promises to donate 50% of profits from the sale of their greeting cards to help fund Women’s shelters. The company is based in Cumberland, RI and has selected as its first benefactor the Blackstone Valley Advocacy Center located in Pawtucket, RI.

These greeting cards, however, are not your everyday warm and fuzzy feel good variety type cards. One line of cards is billed as “cards that tastefully express and dignify the end of a relationship.” Another line of cards are warm and fuzzy and are meant to smooth over a rough patch that a couple may be going though, sort of a way to say “I’m sorry.” In short they are a collection of make-up or break-up cards.

Why would anyone buy a break-up or make-up card? Why would anyone buy any greeting card? A greeting card simply articulates what we may be unable to say ourselves, if the cards rhyme even better. In the case of a break-up card, someone may not want to face their significant other when announcing intent to separate or divorce, out of a fear of violence. These cards are written in a non-angry, non-insulting, non-bitter way. You go your way, I’ll go mine. I’m not mad, it’s just not working out, here’s why. They hope to prove that something good can come from something not so good.

Skidmark Cards is not trying to revolutionize the greeting card industry, they are however, working to see that anyone who needs to escape the horrors of domestic abuse are able to secure a safe haven away from the perpetrators who would seek to kill or disfigure them, or harm their precious children. The company, starting locally, plans to expand as sales warrant and help as many shelters as possible. If conditions permit, eventually they would like to develop into a not for profit organization.

For more information please visit, or call Thomas Burr@ (508)243-5262.

Skidmark Cards
Contact: Thomas Burr (508) 243-5262
Date: June 5th, 2009

Skidmark Cards
Thomas Burr