Synology® Releases Case Study: How Synology Leverages Its Disk Station to Increase Productivity and Global Service Efficiency

Synology® Inc. today released a case study demonstrating how its productivity and global service efficiency has increased after adopting its Disk Station, an alternative solution to PC servers.

Taipei, Taiwan, June 08, 2009 --( Synology, a global provider of network attached storage devices, is growing in business and company size and realized its need to adopt an easier management system with high performance, capacity, security, and reliability. Thus, Synology adopts its own Disk Station series products in 2009 in order to thrive in the versatile and highly competitive global market.

Four units of RS409+ are being utilized to provide external Internet services, including the hosting of official company website, official forum, firmware download site, the European mirrored download site. "As of March 31, 2009, the page views of reached 4 millions, and the webpage requests reached 29.6 millions," commented Alex Wang, network administrator of Synology. "And it was served by a single RS409+," Wang added.

"Together with other benefits of RS409+, including its capability of scaling up to 16 TB, being backed with the full-featured DSM 2.1, and easy maintenance, the RS409+ is ready to retire conventional PC server," commented Edward Lin, marketing director of Synology.

As for internal needs, four units of 2-bay to 5-bay Synology Disk Station and one unit of DX5 are being employed to share and back up work-related files, to real-time monitor and record the company's entrance with Surveillance Station 2, to protect confidential HR information, and to centrally manage the company's DNS services.

"We are proud to release the case study since we are very satisfied with the features, applications and performance delivered after the migration from PC servers to Disk Station," added Lin. "The case study offers mid-sized companies insight into their choices for managing their network environments efficiently and cost-effectively without the added licensing cost, time commitments, and complexity of their traditional PC servers."

The newly released cases study is available on Synology's website:

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