Fidelity Debt Solutions Announces Office Relocation

Office move to downtown San Diego prompted by recent growth.

San Diego, CA, June 08, 2009 --( Fidelity Debt Solutions, a debt assistance and debt relief company located in Southern California, has announced an office relocation to the downtown San Diego area. The move by Fidelity Debt Solutions is the second in the last three years and was done to accommodate recent growth and to help the company’s visibility in the local area.

“This is the second time in three years that we’ve doubled our square footage space,” says T.J. Belfanti, chief operating officer for Fidelity Debt Solutions.

“The expansion is attributed to our entire team that is working so hard to make Fidelity Debt Solutions one of the leaders in the debt settlement industry,” he adds.

The relocation by Fidelity Debt Solutions moves the office from nearby Mission Valley, where the company reached maximum capacity.

Despite the company’s Mission Valley lease expiring in July, Belfanti said the immediate move was “necessary for both customers and employees.”

Although Fidelity Debt Solutions has seen an increase in activity over recent months, the move was not necessarily attributed to the current credit crisis.

“I think it would be a misconception to correlate our growth with the recent increase in unemployment and financial hardship,” notes Belfanti. “Customers who fit our business model are those who are still employed but are in over their heads with their creditors. Those who are unemployed and struggling to meet basic daily needs are not good candidates for this type of program.”

Fidelity Debt Solutions works with individuals who have fallen or will fall behind on their credit card payments, have $10,000 or more in unsecured debt and have some form of income to continue making payments. The program is ideal for those who want to get out of debt, but do not want to file for bankruptcy.

For more information on Fidelity Debt Solutions, visit or call 1-888-241-2416.

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