New OBS Enhancements Feature Streamlined Investment Process & Enhanced Account Reporting

OBS Financial Services, Inc. (OBSFS) is a facilitator of fee based asset gathering for Financial Institutions.

Whitehouse, OH, June 10, 2009 --( OBS Financial Services, Inc. (OBSFS) is proud to announce the release of new enhancements to its Turn-Key Asset Management Platform – Epicenter Worldwide™. Current and prospective financial institution clients will have the ability to automate the Investment Portfolio Selection process and create regulatory and reporting efficiencies within its back-office.

These new enhancements are housed within OBSFS’s new Investment Planning Center (IPC). Within IPC, advisors have the ability to create both an Investment Plan and/or Investment Policy Statement as well as feature Monte Carlo simulations. Advisors also have the ability to utilize Epicenter’s Regulation Module which will allow them to maintain better internal controls.

“These enhancements were developed based on feedback we received from our financial institution client base and we recognized the continuing need for better regulatory controls and business reporting. The new tools provided will assist a trust officer and/or advisor in presenting our sub-advisory portfolio solutions. These enhancements and additional portfolios are part of ongoing developments for our outsourcing solutions we deliver to financial institutions,” said CEO John W. Henry of OBSFS.

The Investment Plan is a detailed proposal advisors can use as a sales tool. It contains the following: client’s answers to their risk profile along with the selected portfolio allocations, detailed historical performance as well as Monte Carlo simulations. The Investment Policy Statement is a customized approach to structuring and monitoring a client’s investment portfolio that contains many of the same elements as the Investment Plan. It also serves as a legal document which outlines the responsibilities of the investment portfolio from an advisor, custodian and client perspective.

The Regulation Module will allow financial institutions the ability to provide the basic regulation reporting requirements based on the OCC and OTS requirements. The Regulation Module will also allow internal controls for accounts to be maintained.

New portfolios are also part of the new enhancements to Epicenter which will include both the Efficient Frontier Series (core institutional funds) as well as the Retail series (no load funds). These series will allow clients the ability to tilt them more conservatively or aggressively depending on the client’s tolerance of risk. OBSFS utilizes Dimensional Fund Advisors funds in their portfolio series.

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OBS Financial Services, Inc. (OBSFS) is a facilitator of fee based asset gathering for Financial Institutions. Our mission is to strengthen the “Off Balance Sheet” revenues and client value proposition of the Financial Institution. We are a broker dealer who focuses on fee based solutions and provides Turn-Key Asset Management Programs to trust departments and retail brokerage operations within Financial Institutions.

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