Device Solutions, Ltd. to Utilize SchmartBoard for New Meridian

Prototyping embedded designs now quicker and more flexible than ever.

Fremont, CA, June 10, 2009 --( Devices Solutions Ltd., an embedded system design solution provider, has announced a partnership with Schmartboard, inc. which will add value for customers by allowing them to more easily add I/O and other hardware features to prototyped embedded circuits.

The new Meridian/P Micro Development board from Device Solutions is based on the Freescale i.MXS ARM920T. The product allows one to Transfer Desktop Skills to the Embedded World. The user can use C# and the Visual Studio tools to develop applications on the Meridian/P. The fast USB connection allows one to download and debug your code directly on Meridian/P.

“Device Solutions has made software prototyping end easy”, said Device Solutions CEO Martin Welford. “Partnering with SchmartBoard makes the hardware portion easy for our customers as well.”

The SchmartBoard system has two major advantages over other circuit prototyping systems. First, they are small boards or circuit blocks, which physically connect together using mechanical bridges. The second advantage is that, with SchmartBoards, hand soldering surface mount technology (SMT) components is very easy, allowing users to prototype with most current SMT package types on the market.

“SchmartBoard looks at circuit prototyping from a circuit block perspective,” says Neal Greenberg, SchmartBoard’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “Many development or reference boards from companies give engineers all the bells and whistles, a solution for every possibility. This is expensive and also unproductive. Many times an engineer spends his or her time dissecting a board down to the features really needed. We believe that the boards should have the core hardware, and engineers should then add the circuit blocks they need rather than taking away what they do not need. Device Solutions has given their customers this advantage by allowing them to physically connect to SchmartBoards to finish off their hardware needs.”

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Device Solutions solves the time-to-market issue for developers by enabling them to quickly learn how to write embedded code in C# using our Meridian CPU and the Microsoft® .NET Micro Framework. This enables the rapid and efficient prototyping of resource-constrained devices to be launched to market faster than ever before. Learn how at

About SchmartBoard (
SchmartBoardTM is committed to helping engineers, students and hobbyists develop electronic circuits faster, easier, and less expensively than previously possible. SchmartBoard’s patented Electronic Circuit Building Blocks makes this possible. SchmartBoard’s “EZ” Technology and Solder By NumbersTM program makes the soldering of surface mount components and circuit creation accessible to virtually anyone.

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