Loqu8 Teaches Chinese with Digital Cameras, Photo Frames and Mobile Phones

Loqu8 Copyworks personalizes learning with Copysheets, FlashTiles and Digital Images.

Palo Alto, CA, June 10, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Learn to read, write and pronounce Chinese faster with Loqu8’s new Copyworks software. Just enter Chinese characters and Copyworks generates English definitions, phonetics (Pinyin or Bopomofo), writing grids and tone colors. In moments, you’ll have custom tools like copysheets, FlashTiles(tm) and digital images to help you learn what you want, anywhere that’s convenient for you.

“Learning Chinese has never been easier or more convenient,” explained Dr. Tim Uy, President and CEO of Loqu8. “By personalizing each Copyworks learning tool to focus on selected characters and disciplines (writing, vocabulary, and pronunciation), students of all ages are developing exceptional proficiency in Chinese.”

Choose What You Want to Learn
Loqu8’s research has found that students learn foreign languages faster when they’re learning what’s interesting or important to them. Unlike conventional language courses with a fixed vocabulary and curriculum, students can chose what you want to learn. Choose the Chinese characters (simplified or traditional) you want to learn from your websites, emails or documents and Copyworks personalizes the learning tools for you. Character Tracking™ remembers which characters are important and hides the rest.

Choose How You Want to Learn
No two people learn exactly the same way. Whether you’re commuting on a bus or waiting for someone at the theater, Copyworks generates the learning tools that fit into your budget, pocket and your lifestyle.
• Practice writing with Loqu8’s innovative copysheets. Choose the characters, size and grid pattern. Trace over characters to get a “feel” for writing each stroke. Learn pronunciation and definitions as you write.
• Print FlashTiles to review characters, strokes, definitions and phonetics—anywhere. Easily create games for your class, family or yourself.
• Immerse yourself in Chinese with digital images on your mobile phone, digital camera and TV. Suddenly you’re seeing and learning Chinese everywhere you look.

Availability and Pricing
Copyworks Basic has all the essential features at an affordable price. Copyworks Standard adds support for more characters, color tones and custom backgrounds for the digital images. The suggested retail price (USD) for these products are:
• Copyworks Basic, $20
• Copyworks Standard, $35

For a limited time, Loqu8 is offering $10 off each copy of Copyworks; see the Loqu8 website for details. A free 15-day trial of Loqu8 Copyworks is now available on www.loqu8.com/products/copyworks. Copyworks runs on computers with Microsoft Windows Vista/XP and Windows 7 (RC1). Mac OS X users also need a virtualization environment (Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion or VirtualBox).

About Loqu8
Thousands of users in 22 countries around the world use Loqu8’s augmented learning technologies. Loqu8 is a privately-held, augmented learning company with headquarters in Palo Alto, California. The company’s user-guided, on-demand learning model is the culmination of years of research at Stanford in cognitive science and information processing. For more information, visit www.loqu8.com.


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