Systemcom Joins with Aboundi as an Authorized Solution Partner to Actively Promote Electric Connect® Solution in Taiwan

Electric Connect® solution from Aboundi, Inc. will enable Systemcom Co. Ltd. to provide High Speed and Long Distance Ethernet Network Solution in today’s complex applications to its customers.

Nashua, NH, June 11, 2009 --( Aboundi Inc. announced the establishment of the Solution Partnership with Systemcom Co. Ltd. in Taiwan. Systemcom has more than 30 years of experience in providing professional radio communication infrastructures, subscriber, equipment, system application, as well as installation and configuration to a vast customer base. Aboundi’s Electric Connect® solution will further enhance Systemcom’s capability in providing its Enterprise, Corporate and Government customers with the best of breed world class applications solution value propositions.

In tune with the significant expansion of market for system networking and communications deployment, Systemcom has expanded its service beyond just the traditional radio communications but also into the ever expanding wireless service with a complete one stop solution and customer service satisfaction. Systemcom now provides whole island wide service coverage with branch offices in Taichung and Kaohsiung with instant and real time services, hence, achieving its mission in providing its customers with complete solution satisfaction. As many projects may frequently encounter high order of unforeseeable challenges in deployment delays and budget overruns, Aboundi’s innovative “Versatile Wiring™” technology will ease the pains from such deployment challenges by enabling the utilization via any existing mediums such as coaxial cables, telephone lines, and paired communication wires to extend such ubiquitous broadband applications. This powerful “Versatile Wiring™” capability with unparalleled deployment flexibility shall enable Systemcom approaching complex projects and services with greater ease.

“For customer's total solution satisfaction, Systemcom provides not only the box unit offer, but also system design to meet each and every customer’s unique requirements including government, military forces and enterprises among many of their service subscribers. Aboundi’s high quality and innovative solutions will enable us to provide greater flexibility in networking deployment and achieve better cost savings to our customers.” stated Eric Liao, President of Systemcom. “Both of our military and private sector business applications demand high quality standard in reliability and performance, yet with diverse services and flexibility. This solution partnership will encompass us with un-equivalent competitiveness in providing total solutions.”

“We believe in practicing good partner relationship.” emphasized Hong Yu, President and CEO of Aboundi Inc. “We are honored and appreciative of Systemcom’s selecting Aboundi as its vendor partner, we are committed to provide the best support and innovative products to ensure Systemcom’s continuing dominance in its market segment.”

About Systemcom
Systemcom Co Ltd. was originated from Function Enterprise Co. Ltd. established in 1974 with specialized in radio communication infrastructures, subscriber, equipment, as well as system application, installation and configuration.

About Aboundi Inc.
Aboundi Inc.’s Electric Connect® solution is designed to enable high speed Ethernet packets to traverse over many different transmission mediums: in-premise electrical wiring, extended distance for twisted pair wires and long distance coaxial cables. This 'versatile wiring' capability allows us the vast opportunities of solving many physical networking infrastructure connectivity deployment related problems cost effectively and spans across many market segments in applications. Aboundi sells products worldwide through its authorized Distributors and Solution Partners.

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