Walking, Talking, Video Spokespeople Guide Online Customers

Every website needs a call to action on the home page. Video spokespeople are an effective method of directing website traffic to purchase pages.

Norfolk, VA, June 11, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Wish you had a minute face to face with your website visitors? Now you can. First Impression Inc., a national music/message on-hold advertising and jingle writing company, has ventured into the website advertising marketplace by producing full motion, walking, talking video spokespeople for websites. Adding a video spokesperson to a website is statistically shown to improve customer conversion ratios by as much as 30-40%.

Getting to the top of the search engines is not enough; a call to action is needed. R.J. Paradee, CEO of First Impression, Inc., says, “Adding a video spokesperson to your website sets it apart from competitors. Most importantly, it allows the website owner to explain a product or service clearly. Plain text is losing its punch. A video spokesperson can effectively deliver a sales message to potential clients, and even direct traffic to a call to action. It also humanizes the website, making the visitor feel more comfortable.”

No website re-design is necessary to deploy the video spokesperson. Once the original script and video is produced, it is seamlessly integrated with existing page design and function. To sample a video spokespeople and test integration with any website, visit www.calltoactionsales.com and type in the URL.

John Williams, owner of SolarPanelPlus.com, says “By adding this new technology to my website, I have seen a significant increase in conversion rates. My online visitors like the personal touch.”

According to some statistical studies on website usage, six seconds is all the time available to capture a viewer’s attention. In this amount of time, the video spokesperson can direct the visitor’s attention to gateway pages, driving them closer to the purchase path. Text-based content is effective in many ways, but it does not have the same type of impact on the visitor as an online spokesperson, who is more likely to retain more visual information. Online Spokesperson technology can actually save a potential customer time by orienting them to the website and directing them to the pages they need to find to take action.

Since 1995, First Impression, Inc. has been serving clients all over the US - with professional audio and video production. Visit http://www.MediaRightStudios.com or call 800-544-6811 for more information.

First Impression, Inc.
R.J. Paradee