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Akron, OH, June 11, 2009 --( While most graduating seniors have been academically and socially prepared to launch their careers thanks to the countless hours invested in them by parents and educators, some have their attention focused elsewhere.

One poor decision could shatter their future.

Alcoholism, drug addictions, abusive relationships, pornography and promiscuous behaviors will claim many of these teens. Brian H. Gaugler, motivational speaker and spiritual coach, believes that these young adults need a spiritual guide to help them avoid falling victims to these temptations.

Gaugler, author of “The 14-Day Spiritual Workout”, believes that spending just a few hours a week of religious teaching is not enough. “Today’s teens need a powerful tool that they can reference daily to overcome sinful temptations. My book was inspired by a need to keep teens focused daily on their spiritual life as well as academic and social”.

Curtis Michel, a recent graduate of Barberton High School, has witnessed these strong temptations first hand, “I have to constantly stand guard against temptations like alcohol, drugs, and sexual activity”. Curtis believes a daily prayer life and consistent church attendance is paramount to spiritual growth and maturity. “I have friends and classmates that have given into their temptations. Some have dropped out of school, others have drug problems and some are dealing with teenage pregnancy”.

Brian H. Gaugler’s new book, “The 14-Day Spiritual Workout” was published by Authorhouse and is designed not only to inspire the reader to search for God’s purpose in their life but also gives them a two week “spiritual workout”. The reader defines the degree of commitment within the “core” parameters that the book explains: prayer, fasting, Bible reading, sacrifices and daily good dead. Gaugler is passionate about his mission to direct teens toward making the right decisions when tempted.

About the Author:

Gaugler is a former national bench press champion and certified fitness trainer from Ohio. He invested the past decade helping people build there physical body and now he is a motivational speaker and Spiritual Coach helping them build their “spiritual” body.


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