The Bogie Files: The Boston Terrier Dog Detective

Children’s book author Kimberly Arrington, has captured young audiences all over, (via the world wide web) with her colorful, and interactive story “The Bogie Files.” This story is about Bogie (the Boston terrier dog detective), and “The crew” (all dog detectives). She invites readers to join Bogie and “The crew” to help solve case 122 (the case of the missing Chihuahua).

Atlanta, GA, June 11, 2009 --( Ms. Arrington seized the opportunity to write this exciting adventure about Bogie, and the crew, because of her real life experience with dogs. She is a great supporter of our canine friends, and has been the owner and companion of the real life Bogie, (Boston terrier) for the last several years.

Donovan Dureaux (9 year old) comments: “I love ‘The Bogie Files’. Reading about Bogie and The Crew is so exciting; I love Mikie (The Border Collie). He’s the bomb! I can’t wait to find out what happens in the next case!"

Here Ms. Arrington shares with us, a preview of case 122, and introduces us to Bogie and friends.

In this high-flying, tail-wagging adventure, come join Bogie (the Boston Terrier dog detective) and "The Crew" as they once again solve another case. Bogie, the leader of Boston's premiere Detective Agency is faced with their most challenging case yet. Peco, the Chihuahua has been kidnapped and Bogie only has 48 hours to find him, before Peco's owner's come back from vacationing in Hawaii. Bogie gets a tip from the streets that Peco has been dog-napped by a group of cats. How can this be? With the help of the crew, and some special friends, they set out to solve this caper. Will they find Peco in time? Or will it be too late? Just as we think it's over, there's a secret that's about to be revealed about The dog world as we know it. Is Bogie ready? I sure hope so. So come along for the ride, as Bogie and friends discover the true meaning of friendship, and about each other.

Ms. Arrington says: “Writing about Bogie, and case 122 has been a dream come true! It has been one of the most wonderful and exilirating experiences of my life. Bogie has always been a great part of my life, and I believe the passion I have for him and the crew is self-evident. Welcome, it’s only just the beginning!"

The Bogie Files is great for readers 9 years and up. This is the 1st book of an 8 book series. It is available in e-book, and print. You can preview this adventure, and purchase at

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