T2PR: It's Official. Teen Vampire Film "Soulstice" is a Go.

T2Public Relations (T2PR) is retained by Character Entertainment, LLC as they officially green-light for big screen development the teen vampire action-thriller, "Soulstice".

Hollywood, CA, June 11, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Winter Solstice is coming....and so is “Soulstice."

The story/franchise is built around the film's main character, teen vampire, Luna Tremaine. Luna is a 15 year-old shy and introverted vampire living with her intelligent and easygoing parents, Lucas and Laura Tremaine; older, fun but direct sister, Christian; and smart-witted little sister, Skyla. The family is similar to most American families and also most modern vampires. They live in a nice house, drive cars, work, play...even go to local schools.

The role of Luna was specifically developed around 14-year old rising singer/actress Keana Texeira, best known as a member of the teen pop duo sensation, The G-Girlz.

Producers will soon be launching a nationwide search for a lead boy to play Paul James, a new-to-the-community 16 year-old human who discovers the girl he's smitten with (Luna) is a vampire. He also discovers that her nice suburban family, other families in the Northern California community of Crescent City as well as classmates in school are as well. Their greatest need to feed is during the lead-up-to winter solstice when days are shorter; the night and darkness are longer and they need to build and store energy for the coming summer solstice when the sun's damaging effects are more pronounced.

When Luna falls in love with Paul James, an eons-old vampire code is broken with dire and deadly consequences for them both. Paul James must come to grips that Luna is as vampire; Luna must expose a side of herself to Paul James in the most revealing way which a human has never been a witness to. A revelation that comes at the expense of Paul James' two friends (testing his love for her).

Casting directors will be scouting Young Hollywood for the roles of Luna's older and younger vampire sisters Christian 17, and Skyla, 9; Luna's best friend - Lily Burgoyne; Christian's boyfriend Alexander Morgan; Paul James' two newly acquired friends, Payton Fleenor and Tucker Andrews; and school paranormal junkies Lynn Sato, 15, and Michael Mori, 16.

The roles of Luna's vampire parents, Laura and Paul Tremaine (mid to late 30's) are being specifically selected by the producers to preserve the film's dark, yet family-oriented feel. Eric Bana (Troy, Incredible Hulk) and Kate Beckinsale (Underworld, Van Helsing) are rumored favorites. 8 year-old Emily Grace Reaves (Hannah Montana Movie) has also been approached for the role of Luna's younger sister, Skyla.

Already cast are the explosive new teen girl group, The Lolitas - as Nadira, Alina, and Tara, a vicious trio of vamps who hunt as a pack and will prove to be Luna's biggest adversary.

To coincide with the film's development and release, writers are also in development to produce a series of book-like diaries to be called "The Luna Journals".

It appears the film will not be as “lite” as you might think. Says producer/writer Lance Dow, “The tween/young teen market is very sophisticated and mature today...you've got to give them the real deal. They like their stories well-written and their music and soundtracks to be the best; by artists they love or can fall in love with. That's why we brought in Joe Quaranto, CEO of ETNC Music as a producer on the film as well as head producer and supervisor of the film's soundtrack. With over 20 years in the music industry, his expertise and knowledge will bring in hit music-makers, top producers, and major artists to knock this thing out of the park."

As a prequel to the film's production, Keana has recorded and recently completed the vampire-inspired video “Daredevil” co-starring Wizards of Waverly Place's, Daniel Samonas. Daredevil is set to be on the "Soulstice" soundtrack along with songs produced by award-winning producer Andrew Lane (High School Musical, Hannah Montana Movie). European sensation Within Temptation and U.K. artist Imogen Heap are also being approached for the specialized soundtrack.

The producers are meeting with various studios for major theatrical distribution and already have a soundtrack label deal in place. "Soulstice" starts filming this fall and tentatively set for a late 2010 release.

To learn more about "Soulstice", visit the film's official site at www.whosluna.com.

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