Control Panel Version 5.1 to Deliver Significant Enhancements to Enable Service Providers to Deliver Leading Services

Plymouth, United Kingdom, June 12, 2009 --( txtNation, a leading provider of mobile messaging and billing solutions, today announced the first timescale for the likely rollout of Version 5.1 of its multi award winning Control Panel (CP 5.1). This new release of txtNations messaging and processing platform is designed to simplify transactions between mobile content providers and individual consumers. The platform delivers a highly scalable system architecture that enables significant improvement in the integrity of the financial data associated with mobile transactions.

txtNations innovative platform features new capabilities that will enable automated authorisation for digital content transactions, additional online resources for mobile commerce management, and expanded support for further countries / enhancements to the platform offer digital content providers an alternative to the traditional approach of legacy aggregators for processing inbound transactions. Unlike legacy systems, txtNations Control Panel Version 5.1 inbound and outbound requests and statistical break down section is now modelled after large-scale processing systems such as those used by credit card clearing houses and online retailers.

As part of Control Panel 5.1, customers will have direct access to the new Support Site (txtNation SD) and also the revised Knowledge Base, an online resource for complete mobile commerce business management. The updated Support Site provides real-time, consolidated reporting with detailed information on messaging and financial transactions processed through txtNation systems. It also includes a new Message Centre where customers can view the latest news and announcements.

CP 5.1 offers expanded support for clients so communication issues are kept to a minimum with fast-track ticketing.

Another significant benefit to both txtNation customers are the enhanced billing capabilities in CP5.1 that ensure that the right transactions are processed while preventing billing to deactivated or recycled users.

"With CP 5.1, we are providing clients a huge step forward from legacy solutions they've had to rely on in the past. Our customers will have the same robust features as the original version, as well as a set of unique new capabilities that can directly improve their business growth and profitability," said Michael Whelan, Director of txtNation. We are about one to two months away for full release.

Ashley Cross
+44 1752 273491