Renton Personal Trainer Luka Hocevar Reveals Five Biggest Fitness Obstacles for Busy Moms

Local Renton personal trainer and fitness boot camp instructor, Luka Hocevar, reveals the five obstacles that hold back busy moms from living the healthy lifestyle they desire and how to avoid them.

Renton, WA, June 12, 2009 --( Local Renton personal trainer and fitness boot camp instructor, Luka Hocevar, has had the pleasure of personally working with hundreds of busy moms over the course of his career in fitness; moms who are on an eternal quest for a better body. To help them in their quest, Hocevar insists that if they avoid five critical obstacles, they will be well on their way to a healthier lifestyle.

“Mothers are without a doubt the most selfless clients I have ever worked with, almost to a fault. Honestly, I wish they would just be a little more selfish sometimes and give their personal physical and mental health a bit more of a priority,” Hocevar claims.

Hocevar goes on to say that many good mothers miss the boat when it comes to their fitness. “In general, they tend to think that it’s okay to put all of their personal ambitions aside for the good of their friends and family. But in reality, moms are not as effective as they could be when deviating from a healthy lifestyle.”

"I want moms everywhere to realize just how simple living a healthy lifestyle can be," Hocevar added. "These are the five anchors that tend to hold most moms back from getting the better body they so desperately are seeking."

Obstacle#1- Too Many Missed Meals- Especially Breakfast

Starvation leads to low levels of blood sugar that zaps your energy and leaves you feeling foggy, irritated, and lethargic all day long. There is always room for breakfast; you just need to make the time! Better yet, plan and prepare a breakfast high in lean protein and fiber in advance the night before to best ensure you stay the course.

Obstacle#2- Failing To Make The Daily Workout Appointment

In my experience, most moms work best when doing their workouts either first thing in the morning while the kids are still sleeping, or right after they drop their kids off from school. It seems that too many unexpected obstacles come in the way of an afternoon or evening workout for the typical mother. But, regardless of when the best time may be, just schedule it in and stick to it like it’s a family commitment.

Obstacle#3- Too Much Mindless Noshing In The Kitchen During The Day

Furthermore, moms get into trouble with the frequent snacking practices of their children and it’s tough to pass on food when it’s always in your face. My advice is to guard your mouth with lock and key. Ask yourself every time you bring something close to your lips the following question: “Will this help me burn fat and build muscle?” If No- put it down and go read a book.

Obstacle#4- Too Much Cardio While Pushing a Stroller

High-intensity interval training burns nine times more body fat than long, slow, and boring cardio- keyword being Intensity. So, get out and push a stroller, maybe even jog a little, but don’t think that you are getting anywhere close to the same kind of benefit that you can get hands-free and in open space with all-out sprints.

Obstacle#5- Too Many Glasses Of Wine In The Evening

Nobody wants to hear that a glass or two of wine at night is going to stop your fitness goals in its tracks. But the reality of the matter is that alcohol has the double-edged sword of both paralyzing the fat-burning process while simultaneously creating fat within the body. Plus, alcohol tends to lower inhibitions leading to the consumption of other junk food. So please remember- if you booze, you Won’t lose.


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