Gstarsoft Released GstarCAD 2009 English Beta

Suzhou Gstarsoft released GStarCAD English 2009 Beta, CAD users are welcome to download from Gstarsoft's website and have an evaluation.

Beijing, China, June 12, 2009 --( GStarsoft released its native DWG editing version of GstarCAD 2009. Based on latest IntelliCAD, GStarsoft provides an advanced and functional AutoCAD-like CAD platform to its users. The new version GstarCAD 2009 is available to download and test in GStarsoft’s website.

The GstarCAD Plot system have been taken as an prominent feature among many other CAD programs, GstarCAD 2009 keep and enhance this advantage in following aspects. In addition to the HPGL/2, OCE, PS/EPS, PDF and EMF/WMF integrated print drivers in GstarCAD 2008, a new Canon series print drivers have been developed and added. Other functions such as DWF virtual printer, DWF web publish and Frame Auto Range and PLT Output Tool have also been extended in GstarCAD 2009. Moreover, this new version provides an interface called “HDI” for vertical software developers to customize print related functions.

GstarCAD 2009 enhances some practical features. The new added Layer Translator can translate a layer standard to another. View Manager allows user to name many views and switch quickly between each views. Block Count can provide the block name and quantity in the selected object. Other features such as Dynamic Input, Drag of Right Mouse Key, Dimension and Text to Front, Quick Calculator and so on help to increase the convenience of its users.

Secondary development interfaces have been improved in GstarCAD 2009. According to this company, GstarCAD 2009 includes all the APIs in AutoCAD such as GRX(ARX),VBA, AutoLisp,Visual Lisp,SDS and so on. GStarsoft advocate a concept of “CAD of the Second generation”. According to the market need, The APIs would be the key factor for the future competition. GRX, short for GStarCAD Runtime eXtension, is highly compatible with AutoCAD ARX interface, “All the industrial application can be migrated to GstarCAD 2009 ithout extra cost.” Said Helen Liang, Vice president of GStarsoft, “with GRX, one set of source codes can support two platforms (AutoCAD and GstarCAD).” GStarsoft would deepen the cooperation with the industrial application developers all over the world.

About GStarsoft
GStarsoft is headquartered in Suzhou, China, with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and Texas, USA. It has more than 300 employees and has a close connection with famous academic institutions, Research Organizations and international enterprises.

GStarsoft is the first CAD company in China achieved CMMI L3 appraisal. GStarsoft offers GstarCAD, the “AutoCAD like” IntelliCAD based CAD software. The highly compatible 2D/3D program meets the needs of more than 60 000 users to open, edit, modify and print original DWG files created by AutoCAD 2009 and lower versions. The stable performance and high quality popularized GstarCAD among the professional CAD users and resellers all over the world. For more information, pls go to

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