Abraham Lincoln in Full Color - See This Celebrated President with New Eyes

Abraham Lincoln can finally be seen as full color renditions of the previous famous black-and-white Lincoln photographs in the new publication Color of Lincoln. His intimate personal and public life is also recounted from topical and interesting eyewitness accounts and anecdotes in this new book release.

San Jose, CA, June 13, 2009 --(PR.com)-- The book publication Color of Lincoln by Bryan Eaton and Lee Rizio, coincides with the national celebration of Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial year. Color of Lincoln has been a five year effort in extensive research, writing and digital colorization of over 120 photographs into a life-like representation of Lincoln. The copyrighted photos are part of the Abraham Lincoln collection at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library in Springfield, Illinois. The photographs were also used as part of the fundraising commemorative T-shirts for the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission at the Lincoln Bicentennial Inaugural ceremonies.

The new Color of Lincoln photos have received high praise from the community of Lincoln scholars and authors.

Dr. James Cornelius Ph.D., Curator of the Lincoln Collection at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library states, "Bryan Eaton's colorization of the Lincoln photographs stands as an excellent example of an 'a-ha!' moment of invention. We see his work and say to ourselves, 'Why didn't someone think of doing this sooner?' But no one had...I applaud his technical prowess, his organizational acumen, and his artistic aplomb in bringing Abraham Lincoln's immemorial visage into the 21st century." Dr. Ron Reitveld, Ph.D., professor emeritus at Cal State University Fullerton and Lincoln Scholar put it simply, "What a fantastic collection of Lincoln photos in color."

Color of Lincoln not only brings Abraham Lincoln to life in a visual sense, but also departs from the typical chronology of Lincoln’s life found in most books. It presents a most engaging and thought-provoking character profile of Abraham Lincoln, the truly American President from the interesting reminiscences of his contemporaries as well as his own thoughts and writings. His much debated religious beliefs, including his Christian beliefs are also explored in depth. The reader is given the opportunity to see how family and acquaintances, as well as sad events in his life and the civil war, helped to shape his understanding of his faith and religion.

Besides his intimate beliefs, Lincoln’s tumultuous relationship with Mary Todd Lincoln and her influence on his political ascendency are also analyzed. The medical root cause of Mary Todd Lincoln’s rather erratic and temperamental nature, and Abraham Lincoln’s ability to stay calm and unruffled by her sometimes untoward behavior, is also examined through eyewitness accounts. From family life to politics, one can see how Lincoln handled his life as father, President and friend to the people he interacted with – whether it be a close acquaintance or stranger. The reader is taken to Gettysburg to experience Lincoln in the moment as gives the most famous speeches of all time. Unlike many other politicians of the time, the President’s embrace of the new technology of photography as a tool for public relations shows his open-mindedness to new innovations and ideas in achieving his political goals. Finally, the last day of Lincoln’s life is recounted from the view of the many eyewitnesses to the events of Good Friday, 1865, the tragic day of his assassination.

For more information and Abraham Lincoln images please visit http://www.coloroflincoln.com. Author Bryan Eaton can be contacted for information, interviews and licensing at 650-862-8133 or by email at books@coloroflincoln.com

Color of Lincoln, Inc.
Natalie Chan